Of Watchmen, muscle power, Seyg-El, Biomax & more!!!

It’s gonna be a quick week folks. When the big news is a Revival trailer it can be a struggle to find any real gems. Here’s a few you collectors out there might be interested in.

The New Frontiersman

This promotional newspaper was released to promote DC’s Before Watchmen event. It’s hard to find in any sort of acceptable condition.

Note: There a few of these on Ebay signed by Adam Hughes!

Marvel Age 38

The cover alone makes this one worth it.

He-Man Master of the Sword

This mini predates DC Comics Presents 47.

Superman Extra 6

Here’s a foreign printing of DC Comic Presents 47 that I would expect every He-Man comic collector to want. It’s not an easy find though.

The Walking Dead 99 ( 2nd Print )

This book has been talked about in the past for other reasons but now it’s back thanks to a Revival preview. I think this preview could be in other books but this one is the hardest to find.

Kingpin 2 ( Venomized )

There’s really nothing special about this issue other than the cover. While other Venomized cover get a lot of attention I feel like this one has really gone unnoticed.

Guardians 3000 1 ( Alex Ross 1:100 Sketch Variant )

Here’s one that even convinced me to get in the variant game. It’s rare, features many of the characters set to be introduced in GOTG 2 and was done by a legend.

Superman Last Stand on Krypton,

Last Son of Earth & Superman: Last Family of Krypton 2

Syfy’s Krypton spec continues. With so few comic appearances by Byrne’s Seyg-El there could be some interest in all his appearances. Adding these two put the grand total at 5 not counting trade paperbacks.

Power Company 6

First appearance of Biomax

I don’t recall anyone mentioning the appearance of Biomax on Supergirl. While TV spec continues to be really tough to make any money on, this one has a pretty cool Green Arrow cover and should be an easy quarter bin find.


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