Daredevil: End of Days #3 David Mack Variant

Welcome back! This week’s article means a lot to me because for the first time in ‘’Finding the Pattern’’, one of the books we’ll talk about is actually one that I’ve written about before…when it was still a cover that you could speculate on. Let me show you!

Daredevil: End of Days #3
1:25 Variant
Release Date: December 5 2012
Cover Artist: David Mack
Print Run: 1,170
Raw: $100

Remember this one? I hope you do because it would mean that you’re reading my articles religiously 🙂 . I wrote about this one in December 2016 when it was still a $15 book, and now look where it is. Of course I’m not saying that everything I talk about turns into gold, but it’s pretty flattering when it happens! It’s easy to get why this cover is worth that much once it’s been brought to daylight though. There’s the rarity, the amazing art and, of course, it is one of the rare Elektra variants that’s desireable on the market right now. Probably one of my favorite covers by David Mack, I like it more everytime I look at it.

Are you ready for what’s next? Because there’s another cover that moves me just by looking at it, and hopefully you’ll get the chance to get your hands on it before the market puts it out of reach.

Mockingbird #2
1:25 Variant
Release Date: April 13 2016
Cover Artist: Nen Chang
Print Run: 1,318
Raw: $20

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s like looking at a dream drawn on the cover of a comic. It’s a lullaby for the eyes of the beholder! Alright, enough with the metaphors, let’s talk speculation!

First, there’s the art. Wow! It might not be your type, but if you have any sense of judgment I’m sure you can still appreciate the beauty of it. The splashing colors and the astral background bring to the art this unique atmosphere of fantasy. Plus I really like the way the character is drawn. It fits perfectly well with the entirety of the cover. It is not the kind of art we’re used to seeing, but I find it refreshing to have something new once in a while.

Even though the art style might be a bit similar for these two covers, there’s more reasons for me to think that these two issues have a lot in common. For instance, both characters don’t really have a wide variety of desirable covers besides their first appearance (basically none when it comes to Mockingbird). That being said, when there’s a cover such as the Mockingbird variant available at a reasonable price, it’s easy to expect that they’ll soon dry up. And then comes the demand and supply factor. We’ve seen that on the Mack variant, and I honestly think that the Chang variant might be about to repeat history.

You might be thinking ; Why would this issue be desirable now if it came out a year ago? Well, first of all, the Mack cover came out in 2012 and it took almost 5 years for the market to realize it existed, and now it’s a $100 book raw. Secondly, if you look at the recent sales of the Mockingbird variant, they’re all around $20, but if you look at the listings, they went up to $40-$50. As I said before, supply and demand. It seems that people are already starting to want this one.

If this book is going where I think it is, I suggest you try to secure your copy right away. I’ve been wrong before though, but I’ve also been right 😉 What comes next is up to you. Invest in what you like, so you’ll be happy with the outcome whatever it is! Hope you enjoyed reading this, see you next week!


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