Of Korvac, sneepers, Carmen Sandiego and more …

Giant Sized Defenders Annual 3

First Appearance of Korvac

If I’m speculating on who Rosenbaum is playing in GOTG 2 my money is on Korvac. He had said that his scene is vital and filmed with Stallone. He also said that he got to keep his hair so characters like Vance Astro and Norrin Radd are out. ( and yes I know Marvel can’t use Radd unless they made a secret deal no one knows about )

I guess Martinex is still on the table but does a scene with Martinex and Starhawk sound vital to you? Starhawk did have a pivotal battle with Korvac in the comics though. I have a feeling it’s a setup for GOTG 3 and Korvac would make an excellent villain. Even if I am wrong which is likely, this is a must own for true comic fans.

Tales of Suspense 49

First appearance of the Sneepers

One of the songs from the GOTG 2 soundtrack was written by Gunn and Bates with vocals from David Hasselhoff! It was recorded by the Sneepers and yes they are an alien race who actually appeared in the comics!

Batman / Catwoman Trail of the Gun 1,2 & Green Lantern 4

With all the fuss over hidden messages in comics I have heard a lot of talk about Ethan Van Sciver's X-Men 118. Well there are some other interesting examples ( one from an issue of Batwoman/Catwoman Trail of the Gun ) which he called ” heinous ” and something he said would get him in a lot of trouble if it were ever found from ( Green Lantern 4 ). Can you find them?

Totally Kids Magazine Spring 1995

First appearance of Carmen Sandiego

Netflix is bringing back Carmen! If you don’t remember this show get to youtube. She had a limited number of comic appearances, her first in this extremely hard to find magazine from Fox. There are regional variants for this based on affiliate.

There was also a comic book:

Starman 51

The teaser for Krypton is out so revisiting the keys might be a good idea. Unfortunately Syfy has not been kind to speculators despite some decent programming.The lead protagonist, Seyg-El only has 3 comic appearances. World of Krypton 3,4 are my kind of spec because they are super cheap. This one is kind of cool though. It is the first chronological Seyg-El appearance.


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