Secret Wars #4 – Hastings Variant by Greg Land – September 2015

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown, this week a Saturday Edition! Today I give you a Hastings variant that I own simply because it is a Planet/World War Hulk variant that is relatively unknown. With the Thor Ragnarok teaser hitting, Planet Hulk comics have really started to heat up, and this is one that could be a sleeper. Truth be told, I have never been a Hastings variant guy, but this is one I had to own simply because of the Hulk, and Greg Land. And it never hurts to share the cover with Wolverine either.

We all know the deal with Hastings. None are really hot….or very expensive…unless you are Spider-Man and Deadpool. But here is one to pick up for the cheap. They are all under or around $10. In terms of print run, I believe it to be around 3k. Grab this cheap Planet Hulk variant while you can! Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen!

Happy Hunting fellas!

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    Love these articles, I don’t have that particular Hastings variant but I do have quite a few, including some incredible Dell’Otto covers. With Hastings gone you would think these would get noticed eventually and gain some traction.

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