1 World Reader #1 Elizabeth Torque 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Jeff Loveness
ARTIST: Juan Doe
Let me first say, on almost any other week, this would probably not be a #1 book…that being said, a 1:10 selling for $40-50 from After-Shock 2 days after release is pretty impressive.  No clue what the long term prospect is on this book, my local shops didn't even order the regular cover.

2 Batman (Vol. 3) #21 Jason Fabok Foil Variant

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Jason Fabok
Just released at C2E2, this is selling for $50 currently.  DC has in the past taken these foil variants to other conventions, so tread lightly.

3 Quantum & Woody #1 Retailer Preview

WRITER: Christopher Priest
ARTIST: Mark Bright
As I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I just recently found out about this book.  So did others apparently as a few have now popped up on eBay selling for $125+.  This came out a couple months prior to the regular issue and is a full comic.  I will let everyone else decide if this would qualify as the 1st appearance.  Also, be aware that the book advised retailers to punch a hole in it and let it hang by a string, so there may be some out there that have the hole punch.

4 X-Men Gold #1 Ardian Syaf 1:Store Partial Sketch Variant

WRITER: Marc Guggenheim
ARTIST: Ardian Syaf
Ahhh…controversy.  Sells radio, music, clothing and comic books.  At $100, those that picked this up before the controversy can make some money.  Once the noise goes away, I'm fairly certain the price correction will follow.

5 Redneck #1 1:Store B/W Ashcan

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Lisandro Estherren
Donny Cates is hot (his writing, I have no idea what he looks like).  People betting this is the next God Country or S2E are paying up to $50 for this book at the moment.

6 Ms. Marvel (Vol. 4) #17 Adam Kubert Variant

WRITER: C. Willow Wilson
ARTIST: Takeshi Miyagawa
Some stores did not qualify to order this book as you had to increase your order by 150%.  Finding these on Wednesday proved to be difficult for most as a result causing the price to rise to $15-20, which is incredible for a non-incentive variant.

7 Copper Age Newsstand

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Our own Trey Kenyon has been telling us about these for a while and someone is listening.  Newsstand variants (or editions, whatever you want to call them) from the late 80's through, well today to be honest, are sometimes difficult to find and a lot of times difficult to find in high grade.  Some books see no price difference while others can see a significant price bump.  Do your research!

8 Spawn #189 Todd McFarlane B/W Variant

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Whilce Portacio
Very difficult to find variant from 8 years ago.  A copy just sold for close to $500.

9 Ultimate X #1 Art Adams 1:50 Metal Claw Variant

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
ARTIST: Art Adams
Yes, Jimmy Hudson is now a thing and this is the rarest of his 1st appearance variants.  This has been selling around $100.  Remember this bar code is ‘00151'.

10 New Mutants #87

WRITER: Louise Simonson
ARTIST: Rob Liefeld
I'll be honest, I don't get the appeal of Cable–never have.  Maybe Josh Brolin will change my mind, but what won't be changed is this massively overprinted book still sells extremely well for about $500 in graded 9.8 condition.

New Mutants (Vol. 3) #1 Partial Sketch Variant

WRITER: Zeb Wells
ARTIST: Diogenes Neves
Another one of these impossible to find partial sketches, this one just sold at auction for over $700!

Invincible #111 Blank Variant

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Ryan Ottley
Brought to my attention by John Brown at CBSI, not to be confused with the other John Brown, this incredibly hard to find blank has sold for as much as $100 recently.

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  • Avatar

    Score for me I have that invincible blank. I think I actually have a few of them.

  • Avatar

    Lol at anything from the copper age and books with barcodes being “hard to find”. Super solid list otherwise though. Nice to see so much diversity of books in the Top 10. Still keep leaving off Bats 608RRP no matter how high it gets though ($5575 last week), and the ASM 25 1:1000 deserved a mention with its $4k sale in a 9.8.

    • Ben Steiniger

      There are certain books that I could put on the list each and every week, 608 RRP, AF 15, Tec 31….but what’s the point to do it here more than a couple of times?

      We are working on a something that will hopefully address these types of slam dunk books, though–stay tuned! And thanks for your input!

      • Avatar

        That’s a great point actually. AF 15 has gone bonkers too. There are some books that are regularly pricey. But even those books can still be spec’ed because they can still hit a surge, and get “hot”. I know this list a primarily for the more accessible sort of specs from an entry price standpoint though and current movers and shakers that will likely be gone in a month or two. A list of “high end specs” and/or perennially hot books sounds like a great idea!

  • Avatar

    So World Reader #1 variant knocks Invincible #1 off the list, wow man, tough week for Invincible #1 I guess.

  • Avatar

    I bought the new mutants vol. 3 #1 partial sketch variant. Got it for $725 was ready to bid $1,000.

    • Avatar

      Wait. You paid $700+ for a RAW copy of some lame convention variant that ISN’T a JSC cover (the only kind that are barely worth picking up- and I do mean barely)?

      Come on man.

  • misfit138

    The line at C2E2 to get the Batman #21 was over an hour long on Friday. Does anyone out there know or have ever met anyone who likes Cable? Or Bishop? The Ms. Marvel #17 Kubert variant is incredible. I must have it. Ioerlema, you must really love that New Mutants vol3 #1 partial sketch cover. $725? It’s your money amigo. This is why so many speculators predict that the bubble will burst on moderns. The prices, and the manufactured scarcity has gotten out of hand. Why do I love it?! Hopefully everyone got their copy of Redneck #1 this past week.

  • Avatar

    I’m honestly blown away people are paying $500 to 1,000 on these worthless books. Hype all the way. The only book you should even consider buying on this list is #10 as it as stood the test of time. Buy first app people unless you’re flipping variants to the lemmings.


    Namwolf #1 summit variant should have been on this list somewhere at least last week but there can be only 10 I guess…


    Easy Steve dont hate to hard, these lemmings fill my pockets weekly, maybe try to cash in on it!

  • misfit138

    Cable sucks. So glad he isn’t in any of the new X books. The books people should be buying are Saga #1, ASM #300, NYX #3, BA #12 and anything rare by Dell’Otto.

    • Avatar

      Why is it that every other Saga book, other than #1, is pretty much useless? It’s supposed to be so amazing, can’t they find another 1st app in that series worth collecting?

      • Avatar

        Lol Good point.

        Even bigger question is why people are seemingly willing to pay big money for the “RRP” of #1, which is nothing more than a glorified reprint (third printing, to be exact), and, contrary to the urban myth that’s been floating around for years, has WAAY more than 500 copies printed. There’s over 180 in 9.8 condition alone.

  • Avatar

    No updated top 10 since April 21st??

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