The Day After Wednesday for 4/20/17

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After Wednesday” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 4/19/17. They could still be at your shop.


FAILSAFE #1 (VAULT) – Vault is killing it lately. Their new book FAILSAFE is selling for a consistent $10.

MS MARVEL #17 X-23/WOLVERINE KUBERT VARIANT (MARVEL) – I thought this was a 1:25 until our reader “mmmoussa” pointed it out that this was a non-ratio variant.  Since it's selling for $15-$20, that's pretty solid.

REDNECK #1 (IMAGE) – This was one of the hottest books of the week. Everyone received plenty of notice to go get a copy, thereby selling it out and sending it to a 2nd print. It saw some hard flooding yesterday morning, taking it below $10.  Currently, consistent sales show it moving well at $10. The flood is still there as there are a lot of copies listed and should hold it to $10 for a while. I honestly can’t tell what the long term for this book is after that. The B&W ashcan saw a dip down to $30 yesterday as well. It has fared really well and bounced back to $45-$50.

RED SONJA #4 CAMPBELL ART BOARD 1:25 VARIANT (DYNAMITE) – As we move into the “later” issues of Red Sonja, it’s time to start paying attention to the Campbell variants. As the print run decreases, it could be a great time to start grabbing these harder to find variants. Campbell is one of the best value retention artists and people chase everything he does. The CAMPBELL ART BOARD 1:25 VARIANT is currently selling for $40. There are only 2 listed.

ROYALS #2 GRANOV 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL) – This was pre-selling for a solid $60 and made every speculator request it from their LCS. Several sellers flipped them to eBay only to drag them down to $30. However, today they are bouncing back at $45 and moving up. There are still some listed for $40, though I expect those to move by the end of day.

WORLD READER #1 1:10 VARIANT (AFTERSHOCK) – Man, this was a hard book to find and easily the hottest book of the week. It’s selling for a solid $40, which is holding from its presales. What’s the long term for this book? The only thing I know about it is that everyone was looking for a copy. So, now what? I would love to hear how people liked it (seeing that even the standard cover has disappeared around me).


GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #19 DEODATO 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – So, last week this book hovered firmly at $25. However, fans of this book were right! Yesterday saw an auction sale of $51. There are currently only a few listed, with most set at $40. As this is trending upwards, it’s definitely a book to keep an eye on.

HEATHEN #3 (VAULT) – Cover A dipped a bit, selling roughly between $8-10 (with an outlier of $17). The Tess Fowler Cover 1:5 variant has held and is still selling for $30.

SEVEN TO ETERNITY #5 1:25 FOIL VARIANT (IMAGE) – This dipped a little bit to $50. That should hold as there aren’t that many listed. This book just seems to move.

SOLAR FLARE #1 (SCOUT) – Here’s another hot book from last week to drop. This is  selling for $10 shipped.

GODSHAPER #1 AJA VARIANT (BOOM) – The Aja variant saw some tiny bumps to about $15 shipped. It might have some legs. Granted they’re tiny legs, but it’s still moving up.

WEAPON X #1 LIEFELD 1:50 (MARVEL) – This book got exciting for a hot minute when it saw a sale of $76 over the weekend. But like Kelis and her “boys”, this book’s milkshake brought all the books to the yard and dragged it back down to $30.

Z NATION #1 1:20 VIRGIN VARIANT (DYNAMITE) – Dang it, Mel V. was right on this one. A copy recently sold for $56. There are only two listed on eBay, one at $40 and another at $75. I don’t know if that price will hold, but it’s another to keep an eye on.


NICK FURY #1 (MARVEL) – The 1:25 Land variant is selling for $12-20. Current sellers are holding out for $30. Will they get it? I think so.


BATMAN #21 LENTICULAR “THE BUTTON” VARIANT (DC) – There was a very slight bump on these yesterday, but they ended up settling to cover price. Every store ordered a ton of these (or should have).

GOD COUNTRY #1 4TH PTG (IMAGE) – Some hopeful sellers have this listed for $25. However, it’s currently only selling for cover. I like this one the best out of the subsequent printings.


GUARDIANS OF GALAXY DREAM ON #1 (MARVEL) – Hmmm, oooookay Marvel.

INVINCIBLE #135 SUMMIT APRIL FOOL’S DAY (IMAGE) – So, the color variant never showed up due to a rumored “error”. Not sure what it was, but the B&W Summit variants DID show and are currently selling for about $15.  I saw shops selling it for this amount (which is why it's in “cool”), so hopefully you got it for less!

LADY DEATH OBLIVION KISS #1 HUGHES PREMIUM FOIL (COFFIN) – These were doing pretty well at about $40 yesterday and have now settled to about $27.

PLASTIC #1 (OF 5) (IMAGE) – Sold out, but not showing any movement off of cover price.


UNCIVIL WAR INAUGURAL EDITION COLORING BOOK: TRUMP VS. HILLARY (ANTARCTIC PRESS) – Selling for $7….. so just keep your copy and color yourself some Trump. Grab yourself some extra orange crayons though.


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    Great article as always. Surprised you only listed the Ms Marvel variant as cool. A $3.99 non ratio variant going for $15-20 easily with only about 15 or so listed on eBay seems like it should be considered warm to hot. A better short term flip than Redneck and maybe the better long term pick IMO.

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    Great work! I really appreciate these articles!

  • Avatar

    You’re back. Awesome!

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    Ok lol I know yall are getting tired of my Moon Girl propaganda ever that US Avengers Variant Moon Girl variant was just as hard to find as the X23 Ms Marvel(those were very scant on the shelves here in Gotham)Due to the funky qualifying ordering …they can be had for cheap currently(for the record I have none up for sale)

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    Failsafe #1 is HOT!?!? It is a (newly released) discounted cover price book that isn’t even soldout at Midtown (and many other only comic stores), not sure why people would pay 10 dollars for it, or where you think they are. This book will be a less than cover book in less than a week.

    REDNECK is king here, Cates is on fire after God Country and it will be interesting to see where #1 goes from here. If you remember Seven to Eternity and God Country had the same type of sold-out sales, and then people picked them up on the second hand market for 10-15 bucks a pop. Then after a few more issues started to come out and the immediate supply came and went the price of #1’s started to rise.

    I can see Redneck #1 becoming a $50 book by issue 3/4’s release. If Cates continues to stay hot and the story is a hit. (which it already seems to be) you never know we might have the next Walking Dead type hit here……

    • Matt DeVoe

      Yeah, people go straight to ebay and overlook buying it for cover. People panic and just want copies before they disappear. I hope you’re right with Redneck, everyone and there mother seemed to grab stacks of these. So, hopefully they do go up for everyone’s sake. Cates is absolutely solid. You’re absolutely right, by issue 3 we should get a better sense of how the wind will blow with this book. I wouldn’t say it’s the next Walking Dead (not many titles have not come close to it except maybe Saga), but maybe it’s the next Seven to Eternity…. or Chew, Thief of Thieves, Y: The Last Man, etc. Who knows. I bought 3 copies of Redneck, so it’ll most likely go down just for that reason alone. Lol. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the read.

      • Avatar

        I bought 50 copies….. so it will be in the dollar bin by Issue 5 and I would still not have sold 1 copy yet lol 😛

      • Avatar

        It is crazy to see them flying of ebay (REDNECK #1)at 10-20 bucks a pop right now with LOTS of sales, (only a day after release) If this has any of the success that Seven to Eternity and God Country had this could be a 50 dollar book by issue 3. Also the fact that there aren’t any multiple covers only adds to the scarcity of the book.

  • John D

    Saw a World Reader at the lcs yesterday, passed on it. Which is ridiculous because I’m a sucker for anything science related. Oh, well, that’s my luck I guess.
    Redneck and the Invincible issues were selling well, along with Bat 21. The Bat 21 3D stack was untouched (no surprise there). I had to spend 10 minutes talking my wife out of the 3D cover (she’s not in to comics at all); living proof the 3D quick buck gimmick still works. I personally wish these would just die.
    Love the dark crystal covers as well, especially #2. No missing or broken anatomy on the Land cover, and I really like the retro styling of it, didn’t pick it up though, probably should have… I think Redneck has the best chance for longevity if I had to guess.

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    I think God Shaper could be a sleeper book too, pretty hard to find.

  • Coswrd

    The best part of Batman #21 is inside. You can’t judge a book by its cover…or can you cause its an awesome cover to boot.

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    Can someone explain the difference between the redneck ashcan and the redneck c2e2 sketch variant? I could not discern any visual difference looking at listings on eBay. Thanks!

    • Avatar

      The ashcan is a smaller size (mini-comic), the C2E2 sketch variant is a regular sized comic. I think the ashcan would be the more long term desirable seeing as it came out before the first print. Hope this helps you.

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