The Reheated One


Huge week with a bit of everything … Good mainstream, solid indies and great looking new series. This is what it's all about!!!

Reheated Cover Art

I am not sure what's going on, but the fact that there's going to be a Jim Lee blown up art trading card art cover month in Marvel is hopefully the bottom of the barrel. As we warm up for that clear sign of the apocalypse, this week you can find a couple more examples. If I remember correctly that Lady Death art was part of a trading card set too. I hope the original artists get royalties or something …

Venom #6 McFarlane 1:1000 Variant Lady Death Oblivion Kiss #1 Cover C Variant Adam Hughes Foil Variant

Some Actually Awesome Stuff

All-Star Batman #9

There's been some confusion about the cover art for this issue, so I thought I would post the final cover (thank DC for this because the original cover was ugly). Batman. Jock. We all win!

Batman #21

For some reason DC didn't make the lenticular cover available internationally (this one in particular, not the others). That and the way it was fast-solicited might catch some stores short of stock. Especially if something important happens. Which it might.

Royals #2 Adi Granov 1:25 Variant

The first issue was kinda fun with a lot of setup so that all the readers can easily get on board. This issue features a beautiful Granov variant and the same quality Meyers interiors.

Nick Fury #1

What will hopefully be James Robinson's return to greatness, the preview pages by Aco look amazing. Really looking forward to this.

Cosmic Scoundrels #3 Alexis Ziritt Variant

Even if sales of the first issue have gone down, this series is being criminally under-ordered considering the talent involved. Might be a long term hold.

Plastic #1

Didn't think much about this new Image series, until I read the preview. It's kinda crazy in the best of ways and made me chuckle. It's going to be bloody, but fun bloody, if that's a thing.

God Country #4

Not sure that the mini-series axiom applies to God Country. Issue 4 comes out today, but also the newest printings of all the previous issues.

Redneck #1

And just to confirm the fact that we are living in a Donny Cates world, his new series comes along. No idea how this selling well could take anybody by surprise, but it's already sold out at Midtown.

Failsafe #1

Will Vault Comics find another Heathen? No idea, but if you are willing to bet on it, here's their new series.

World Reader #1 Elizabeth Torque 1:10 Variant

Sounds like a brainy sci-fi tale, so if you like those this might be your thing. I like Juan Doe but am indifferent to Loveness. Might give it a try.

A Couple of Cool Covers

Let's appreciate Adam Kubert's and Jonboy Meyers' talents!!!

Worst Swipe Ever / Trumpwatch

Keep scrolling down, this cover makes me angry!!!

Image April's Fools Variants

Image artists are having fun, more fun than anyone else in any other company right now. Here are this week's April's Fools variants, and the Diamond Retailer Summit variant of Invincible.

Really like that last cover as it gives me the chance to show you this Remender-Verse print by Bengal:

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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    This isn’t really related to the article, but when I saw Free Comic Book Day Civil War II from Zombies Comics for $50 in “CBSI Shops” I laughed harder than I every have on this site.

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