Not for Resale: DVD Comic Special Part 1

The world of comic collecting is full of niche markets and while first appearances and limited variants reign supreme everything does change over time. Cover artists, second appearances, a creator’s first pro work, second prints, tv or film adaptations of specific stories and panels, autographed comics, promotional comic ephemera; these are all examples of smaller collectible markets which comic collectors enjoy beyond just reading comics. Comics have a long history of being used as marketing tools to sell stuff or enhance a product. Today I am going to focus on what I believe to be the most important comics released with movies.

Because DVD stores like Movie Stop and rental chains like Blockbuster are gone, there is now a seriously limited number of places one can even find these items. Then you have to hope the comics are still in the boxes. Finding any of these is just going to get harder and harder over time.

Security Measures

First appearance of Agent Coulson

Walmart originally released this ghost in their exclusive Fun Pack from 2008. Don’t search for the Family Pack because you will be disappointed.

Some love Agent Coulson, some don’t. But there’s no denying he’s the modern Nick Fury. This comic is his first appearance and it’s also the first time we hear J.A.R.V.I.S.’s voice who later becomes the Marvel cinematic version of the Vision!

Iron Man: Security Measures

Serenity DVD promo 2007

Fans of Firefly tend to be die hards and while I enjoyed that show I never felt that Serenity lived up to expectations. I guess I’m in the minority though as this move does enjoy a sort of cult following. The rarest of all the Serenity comics was released in this:

Daredevil 168

Let’s be clear, no one likes the Elektra movie. But a cool mini reprint of 168 is a good reason to track down a sealed copy of the theatrical cut DVD.

Batman Begins Walmart Limited Edition Bluray Gift Set

Jesus that’s a mouthful! This one is full of tasty treats for Batman fans including this cool little mini comic Prologue for The Dark Knight!

Silver Surfer 1

This mini comic came with the Target Exclusive Edition of the Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer DVD.

Halloween 25 Years of Terror

There’s definitely a niche market for rare Halloween comics. This nn mini is a must for completists.

Hellboy Die Troll-Hexe

Released with the German Hellboy Director’s Cut DVD this one might be the rarest foreign DVD comic in existence.

Snake Plissken Chronicles ( Escape From NY Special Edtion DVD )

Here’s the thing, Snake is coming back in a remake. Will it suck? Probably. I’ve never been a fan of needless remakes. But it’s very tough to find.

Release in digest format, this book has a dogshit cover but it’s rare and printed on quality paper which is one of the few things Crossgen got right.

The Punisher Countdown Variant ( limited to 10,000? )

This prequel was specifically made for the 2004 DVD release. The regular cover is plentiful, this one is much tougher to find.

Samurai Jack 1( reprints first appearance )

Included with Season 1 of the DVD boxed Set this mini is super rare.

Tales to Astonish Mini Comic Promo 93

This book is actually a reprint of Tales to Astonish 92 and 93. It was originally included with The Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer DVD/Comic Bundle 2007

V for Vendetta ( Collects issues 1-2 )

This comic was included in the Special Edition V for Vendetta DVD. It would have been much cooler if it was a reprinting of Warrior Magazine but it’s still a must have for fans of a great comic and an equally good film.

Sin City Just Another Saturday Night ( Aussie giveaway )

When you bought a copy of the DVD in Australia you might have been able to secure one of these rare bad boys!

The Amazing Spider-Man 50

This mini reprint of the Kingpin’s first appearance was released with the Spider-Man 2 movie DVD Collector's Gift Set.

Spider-Man 300 & 252 mini reprints

These were exclusive to Walmart’s Spider-Man 2 Origins of a Hero DVD.

Note: Another printing of 252 was included along with others in the Spider-Man 3 DVD Exclusive from Walmart.

Amazing Fantasy 15

This book came with the Spider-Man widescreen double DVD: Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters & Marvels DVD. Rare AF 15 reprints are starting to see the same kind of love as Action Comics 1.

Blade Nightstalking Trinity DVD

First appearance and origin of Abigail Whistler

The one you want here is the limited variant which was randomly inserted into 12,500 DVDs. This comic is the first appearance of Abigail and prints her origin. Sadly, the sigs aren’t real.

Spider-Man 3 The Black

If you bought Walmart’s exclusive Spider-Man 3 DVD 2-Pack then you were treated to this Venom mini. It’s really the only reason to buy that awful film.

Visions of Frank

Any finally here’s one for the independent comic lovers. If you don’t know Jim Woodring get to a search engine quick. A bunch of animators got together and brought Jim’s comic to life in this amazing dvd. The comic below was included.


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    I had a really tough time finding the mini-comic book, from the Borders (now out of business) Bookstore exclusive DVD release for the 1st Iron Man movie. It featured a cover pin-up gallery with a new original cover by Bob Layton. I don’t know what the print run for that was.

  • LondonHusker94

    That was an amazing piece Topher. Thanks for the time and effort to research this. Looking forward to part two. Need to find that Serenity book now.

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    I enjoyed this article. I honestly think these minis are very under-rated. I found 3-5 minis in my old long box I had as a child. Planned on eventually stabbing them to further preserve them despite their non 9.8 condition.

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    What about cereal box mini comics? Currently Honey Nut Cheerios, and coco puffs have parts 2 & 4, at least the boxes I got. Gotta hunt down 1&3.

    • Topher

      I may include those along with some comics released exclusively to video games if I get around to part 2. The problem with cereal comics-massive print runs.

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