Hey everyone! I’m sorry for the long hiatus but I’m back with a few more Hip Hop cover homages! Hope to do more articles in the coming weeks! Also hope everyone has a Happy Easter or is having a Happy Passover!

Iron Fist 1 Redman: Doc’s Da Name
Redman was always a favorite of mine because he was one of the few rappers from the East Coast from New Jersey instead of NYC. Since I grew up in Jersey this made me happy for some reason.
Black Panther & the Crew 1 The Firm: The Album
The Firm got their start on one of my favorite albums of all time. Apparently this album wasn’t nearly as good.
America 1 Hamilton the Musical
The first of the hip hop covers to not pay homage to an album, this one is modeled after a Broadway play. Hamilton is one of the hottest tickets in New York city and the whole play is rapped instead of singing. The cover below is the second printing.
Royals 1 Frank Ocean: Blonde
I don’t know Frank Ocean’s music but I have a lot of respect for an openly gay man in the Hip Hop industry.
Nick Fury 1 RZA: Bobby Digital
The RZA is one of my favorites but I never really liked his Bobby Digital stuff. Still a cool cover on both signed by the very same artist, Bill Sienkiewicz.
Monsters Unleashed 1 Joey Badass: B4.DA.$$
I know nothing about this artist and don’t really like the homage…pass

I’m hoping I will be more consistent with my articles in the future and hope Khoi Cakes hasn’t missed me too much!

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