Market Report – April 2017 ComicLink Focused Auction

Welcome back everyone, today we’ll look at results from ComicLink’s Focused Auction on 6 April 2017! This auction featured a multitude of lower value OA, which generally fetched attractively fair prices, with strong results for some higher value pieces.

Amazing Spider-Man #381, page 1 by Mark Bagley & Randy Emberlin – $314

Amazing Spider-Man #388, page 11 by Mark Bagley & Randy Emberlin – $255

There were three Bagley ASM pages in this auction, which all sold for reasonable prices of around $300 or less. The thing to note is two pages (above) didn’t feature Spidey at all, and the third only had some partial Scarlet Spider shots. Given the escalating prices of classic costume Spidey pages, as discussed in my Mark Bagley Artist Spotlight, I’d say the above pickups are decent buys. Rising Spidey page prices should pull ones like these upwards as well, and I expect the gap between Spidey pages and quality non-Spidey pages (such as this Hulk title splash and villain-filled page) to narrow over time.

Incredible Hulk #237, page 9 by Sal Buscema & Jack Abel – $800

Sal Buscema Hulk OA prices appear to be continuing their strong performance, with this action panel page fetching a healthy $800. This piece may be a slight outlier, but as a whole, I have noticed that Sal B. Hulk artwork has been gradually appreciating over the past couple years.

Flash Annual #5, page 55 by Travis Charest & Dan Davis – $800

Published Charest OA, of mainstream superheroes in particular, don’t come up for sale very often. In light of that, and especially given this huge full-figure image of a DC leading man, $800 seems like a good buy indeed!

Silver Surfer #94, pages 2&3 DPS by Tom Grindberg & Randy Elliott – $300

Thor Annual #18, pages 10&11 DPS by Tom Grindberg & John Nyberg – $275

Grindberg is an artist with a distinctive style who’s worked on a variety of superhero titles. I’ve always found his work to be great value-for-money, as evidenced by the extremely reasonable prices for these two double-page splashes featuring prominent Marvel characters.

Promethea #13, pages 10&11 DPS by J.H. Williams III & Mick Gray – $772

The price seems about right for this intricately-rendered DPS by the highly-acclaimed Williams III. Although his artwork has garnered much plaudits, the value of Williams’ OA (Promethea included) never seems to have taken off in the manner expected of an artist of his calibre and recognition. This should be great news for fans, as it means they can continue picking up Williams III artwork for reasonable sums!

X-Men #50, page 10 by Andy Kubert & Cam Smith – $551

The cost of Andy Kubert X-Men OA continues to rise, largely attributable to the ’90s Effect (whereby OA collectors emerging from the large comic book readership of the early-’90s now purchase nostalgic artwork from their formative years). Prices for late-run Kubert X-Men pages (such as this one) usually lag behind pages from earlier issues, but I suspect that enticing Jean Grey image had something to do with the strong hammer price!

Savage Dragon #2, page 8 by Erik Larsen – $711

I think $711 is a fair price for this fun crossover between Dragon and the Turtles. For Larsen fans who baulk at the high prices for his late-’80s/early-’90s Spider-Man OA, this early-run Savage Dragon page featuring explosive fight scenes with all four TMNT members, is exactly the kind of page that should scratch your itch without busting the wallet!

Avengers #20, page 22 by George Perez & Al Vey – $1,350

Going by the result for this page, prices for Perez Avengers (Volume 3) OA, which has been gradually appreciating, may now begin rising more rapidly. Two years ago, this (in my opinion) more impressive splash page sold for $776.75 on Heritage Auctions, just over half of what the above splash finished at in this CLink auction! I believe this is a result of the greater market-wide appreciation of Perez’s major works, which have been noticeably going up in value over the past couple years.

Daredevil #265, page 24 by John Romita Jr. & Al Williamson – $2,200

$2.2k is about fair market value for this panel page, which is still surprising to me given the sheer amount of JRJR OA available, as he has remained a prolific artist for over three decades, and the fact that this page is only from 1989 (not that old in OA terms)! Or perhaps I’m just showing my age, and shouldn’t be surprised at this example of the ’90s Effect in action?

Avengers: Threat Assessment #1, pages 4&5 DPS by Michael Ryan – $1,355

I think this nicely-rendered piece sold for the right price, coming from a digital download-only comic prepared as a promotional tie-in with T-Mobile. Of course, the main reason I’m featuring this DPS is because it features my main man (mutant?) Thanos smacking down a bunch of puny heroes (what he does best)!

Batman: The Long Halloween #1, page 14 by Tim Sale – $783

Daredevil: Yellow #1, page 10 by Tim Sale – $1,000

Following the last batch of Tim Sale pages, discussed in my February 2017 CLink Focused Auction market report, there were four more Batman and Daredevil pieces in this round. Sale’s OA prices remained steady overall, leading me to maintain my view that they are still decent buys at current valuations. That Battlin’ Jack Murdock half-splash is a real slobberknocker!

Until next time, happy collecting!


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