The Chair #1 Blank Cover Variant – July 2015

Welcome Back to Covers from the Unknown! Ok, truth be told, as you can tell, it's a blank cover, so I am sorry if you were looking for some great art today! This is The Chair #1, Blank Cover variant from Alterna Comics, July 2015. So why this comic today? Looking in Previews, in the next couple of months, Alterna comics has many new lines coming out, and they are ALL sold out at Diamond right now. What does that mean? Will they be the next big thing? Who knows. But one of the comics coming out from them is The Chair. So, if it is sold out, I think people will want the first comic of the Chair, and the Blank variant is the one. It was based on a Graphic Novel from 2008, which became a movie in 2015 starring Roddy Piper! Trust me….the novel is much better than the movie.

There are a few of these online….and I do not expect them to last long…they are cheap. I would grab 1 or 2. I think its worth the risk. I have no idea what to expect from Alterna Comics, but if it's hot and takes off, I think everyone will be looking for old Alterna comics. Good Luck and Happy Hunting Fellas!


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    Yeah, found a few copies and they were cheap. I ordered mine from a guy who says he did the artwork. . . Well basically did the whole book. Says he’s signed them on the first page. They come as a set. The blank variant and regular cover. He’s got a few more. I had to message him on the condition of the books and he says they’re mint. Got two sets for $14 bucks and free shipping.

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