The Day After Wednesday for 4/13/17

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After Wednesday” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 4/12/17. They could still be at your shop.


HEATHEN #3 (VAULT) – Cover A is selling for $12-$20 and the Tess Fowler 1:5 variant is selling for a nice $35. Great return….. IF you can find any.

SEVEN TO ETERNITY #5 1:25 FOIL VARIANT (IMAGE) – Did your LCS overprice these? If you got one at a nice price, then you did well. This book went on a bit of a price roller coaster yesterday, rolling from $30 to $75 and now sitting at around $55-$60. A LOT of copies sold yesterday too, showing very strong demand. This book should overall do well. It has a great long term future as Image doesn’t tend to overdo it on variants, which should help retain its value.

SOLAR FLARE #1 (SCOUT) – I’m confused, didn’t this already come out?? I’m probably thinking of Solar #1 from Scout? On 2nd glance, this looks like it was previously self-published. Well, regardless, the book that was released by Scout yesterday is selling for $10 with current copies listed for about $15. The self-published copies and its' variants seem to be hard to find. Copies such as the glow in the dark variant (limited to 300 copies) are selling for $38.


AMERICA #2 ADAMS 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Well, this book was a huge surprise. It shot out the gate last week and just hit a high of $222 today. Usually, a variant like this draws out all the available copies and floods the market. However, that didn’t happen this time. There are only 3 copies listed, 1 bin at $250, a VF auction and an international auction. I’m so bummed I missed a copy of this last week.

X-MEN GOLD #1 (MARVEL) – Wow, what a difference a week makes. Thanks to some significant controversy, all of these books saw some very nice price bumps. If you missed it, Ardian Syaf added religious and political messages considered to be anti-Christian and anti-Jewish into his artwork for X-Men Gold #1. Marvel stated that they fired Ardian and moving forward will edit the images out of all future printings/collections. While leaving personal opinion out of this, I’ll simply report the current values for this book:

  • COVER A SYAF – $15-$20
  • CAMPBELL RETRO (3,240 copies) – $45
  • CAMPBELL CURRENT (2,640 copies) – $44
  • CAMPBELL VIRGIN (1,440 copies) – $60
  • 1:50 MARTIN – $40 (looks like several are primed to sell at $50)
  • 1:25 MCLEOD – $25
  • CORNER BOX – $14
  • FRIED PIE – $14
  • HIP HOP – $6

So, obviously there are a lot of variants to grab. The big question is: which way is the wind going to blow? These could easily plummet in value and could also go up even higher. It’s a tough call. The standard Syaf cover obviously has a great re-sale value…. however, if eBay floods then you could end up sitting on a lot of hard to move copies. Don’t jump into this too deep, buy low and tread lightly. The higher printed variants (Hip Hop, Young, Fried Pie) seem to be heading downwards. Other books like the 1:50 and Campbell variants seem to be heading up. The Premiere and Lim B&W seem to be holding its value. My personal pick would be the Campbell Virgin. I honestly think that this specific cover is going to be worth quite a bit long term. Sets were sold for $80 at Campbell’s store and are now sold out.

BLACK CLOUD #1 (IMAGE) – Yeah, as expected, eBay was flooded with copies of this last week. There are so many copies currently listed and none are moving. Sellers are holding out for the $10 they were going for last Wednesday, but that ship has sailed. As I mentioned before, tuck your copies away and see how it does. The flooding will keep this book locked to cover price unless we see any option news for it.


GODSHAPER #1 AJA VARIANT (BOOM) – The Aja variant is seeing a few sales at about $7 – $10. My LCS highly recommends this book. There’s a WonderCon variant that I missed when I was there, and I would love to get my hands on that now. It was selling for $20, but there’s currently only one signed one on eBay for $75.

IMMORTAL BROTHERS GREEN KNIGHT #1 1:20 COVER D (VALIANT) – I've put this in warm for all of you Valiant fans out there. This is holding at $20, but it looks primed to jump a little. I know my local stores underprice Valiant variants, and they tend to sell pretty well on eBay. I may just have to look for one.

ROSE #1 GOLD GUARA VARIANT (IMAGE) – $20 seems decent, but I know that’s what it was going for at my LCS.

WEAPON X #1 LIEFELD 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – So, this 1:50 is selling for about $40-45. That’s just barely warm. It’ll sit at $40 for the foreseeable future. The 1:25 Keown ($15) and 1:15 Lim ($10) variants are already moving downwards.



AMERICA #1 2ND PTG (MARVEL) – These are not moving up yet. However, I walked away from so many of the Ms. Marvel #1 multiple printings. Sometimes it pays to grab these when you can and stash them away.




MY LITTLE PONY LEGENDS OF MAGIC #1 (IDW) – Sorry Mel V., you’ll just have to add this one into your private collection for a while.

DEADPOOL VS PUNISHER #1 (OF 5) 1:10 HILDEBRANT VARIANT (MARVEL) – This was completely off my radar until Mel V. mentioned it in his weekly CHU article. I love this cover and grabbed one. It’s only doing $10. However, I think it’ll make its way to a $30 book long term. Nothing crazy, but it’s a great PC book.

GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #19 DEODATO 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Here’s a book people sought after yesterday. For a 1:50 $25-$30 can’t be considered hot. With this being a 1:50 for a later issue, it could be really hard to track down long term. Those who bought one, be patient with this as well.


SPAWN #272 B&W VARIANT (IMAGE) – Another book that people were hunting down yesterday. Spawn has been doing 1:1 b&w variants for a while now, so it was odd to see people jump on this. It’s currently selling for less then cover. Spawn fans love their variants and will pay handsomely for them. So, you never know down the road.


X-MEN BLUE #1 (MARVEL) – No current controversy here! Hence, no value either. However, I absolutely LOVE the Campbell Retro cover for this.



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    I want the foil variant for seven to eternity so bad!

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    Awesome article as usual Matt. Like many said last week, WE MISSED THIS! Wednesdays are tough for me to make it into shops so this helps me gauge the market when I’m running a day or two behind.

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    Matt I got my copy of Godshaper Wonder Con. Is this a flip now or hold long term?

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    Great write up on the X-Men Gold #1 and variants. I posted my comment/question about this one and variants on the Variants Heat Check just before this was written up and it answered my question. Thanks!

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    That Guardians of the Galaxy variant will be the long term winner among this weeks books. There will probably be less than 500 in existence. Why people are going nuts over a silver titled foil for a fifth issue of a series is beyond me. Completely poor investment. 50 plus bucks?? Please. There are currently 15 copies for sale on feebay. Hardly RARE at all. If you look at the print run for STE #4 then you can estimate that the 1:25 silver foil will be at around slightly over 1,000. But if you ask me it seems like presellers may have upped their orders for #5 and I wouldn’t be surprised if they come in much higher. Give me the GOTG variant any day.

    • Matt DeVoe

      I think the 72E variant will do fine for a while (through the life of the series). It’s NOT a long term hold. I agree though, it’s absolutely not rare. I also agree with you as I mentioned above that being a 1:50 for a mid issue could see a nice increase over time. I don’t see it ever being more then $100. But probably a solid $75 book. I think the long term winner to break the $300 mark will be that Campbell X-Men Gold 1 virgin. Thanks for the commmets!

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    The Heathen variant (Cover B) is indeed a 1:5. However, of the 20 copies that I ordered, 10 came this week and 10 are coming next week. I was sent 2 of the 4 1:5 variants I ordered in this weeks shipment and there are no more coming.

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    I’m pretty happy. Got 3 copies of America 2 by Arthur Adams. In issue 4, she meets up with the X-men.

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    Thanks for another great article!

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    “It has a great long term future as Image doesn’t tend to overdo it on variants”

    Not so much anymore! A lot of their titles are shipping with 2-3 variants. (Deadly Class, Sex Criminals, God Country, Seven To Eternity, Head Lopper, Girl Scout Socks or whatever its called, I Hate Fairyland, Injection… ).

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    The America 2 flood already happened last week (20+ copies).

    The next flood is now headed CGC’s way.

    • Avatar

      Are you talking the 1:50? A flood means like 20 copies at once thereby bringing the value of the book down. I don’t see anything like that. There has never really been more than 3-5 copies up at one time. Unless you’re jokingly referring to that as the closest that book will come to being a flood.

      I can’t see how a book with most likely yet another print run estimated under 500 could ever flood the market.

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