Of monsters, Corvus Glaive, Ravager and much more!

Some observations…

  • Can someone please write and release an actual Utopia Experiments Graphic Novel?
  • If Tony Stark doesn’t die in Infinity War I might stop watching Marvel Films.
  • I can’t wait to see The Horde face off against Unbreakable.
  • I don’t care what anyone says, Flashpoint 5 is the first appearance of the New 52 Batgirl.
  • I finally recieved a comic in the mail sealed with painter’s tape! Someone must have been listening to that podcast from a while back.
  • More Tick on Amazon please.
  • If I hit the lottery I am opening a 
  • Hey CGC, designating newsstands editions on a label is a great idea. You should try it.

On to the picks …

My Favorite Thing is Monsters

This murder mystery set in 1960’s Chicago is a delight. It’s been picked up by Sony who apparently won a bidding war for the rights. I’m seeing high prices for first editions of this critically acclaimed work.

Infinity FCBD ( Midtown Edition )

First appearance of Corvus Glaive

News is starting to trickle out concerning Infinity War and who will be assisting Thanos is murdering Iron Man ( please oh please let this happen ). Corvus Glaive is a pretty cool villain but spec wise it’s tough because he first appeared in this FCBD issue which had a massive print run. The Midtown edition appears to be scarce. Buy cheap and hold.

The New Teen Titans 1

First appearance of Grant Wilson ( Ravager )

If you are any sort of true comic fan then you already know that Wolfman and Perez’s New Teen Titans is one of DC’s all time best series. A recent recent rumor from a 4chan thread dropped a few tidbits this week. Personally I would have no problem with Ravager as the villain for Nightwing! Speculators took notice and cheap copies dried up.

New Teen Titans #1

G.I. Joe 12

Arguably one of the best modern superhero titles, Robert Kirkman’s other masterpiece has joined the long list of stuff we are all waiting for. The creative team is getting mixed reviews but make no mistake, if done correctly it could set a new bar for comic films. If done poorly, well I guess the hero getting raped is a good place to start.

The market still loves Tech Jacket but other books contain that cool preview of issue 1. Some are quite rare. I don’t know the print run on this but it does have the preview and no one seems to be paying it much attention yet.

Shutter 25 ( Brandon Graham Variant )

Yup, that’s a killer Invincible cover.

The New Mutants Summer Special 1

First appearance Marge Simpson

I was lounging about pouring through my New Mutants collection the other night when I came across something quite odd. How is it Marge Simpson makes her debut in a Marvel comic?! This appearance, albeit probably unauthorized, predates any other comic appearance I could find.

The Nameless City

Faith Erin Hick’s Graphic Novel is getting the cartoon treatment. You can’t beat great art/storytelling in this format. As far as speculation, graphic novel’s are hit or miss. This one seems to be kind of rare though.

Starman 9

First appearance Roland Desmond

Another part of that rumor about Grant Wilson in NIghtwing puts this book on my radar. It’s possible that this version of Blockbuster will play a significant role. Since this one should be about as easy to find as any issue of Continiuity’s Deathwatch, there is little risk.

Captain America 180

First appearance of Madame Hydra as Viper

The big bad villain for this season of Agents of Shield is gonna be Madame Hydra! She made her debut in the pricey Captain America 110. There’s no indication as to what version of herself she will be or transform into. If Hydra keys are your thing try this one.


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