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I feel kinda bad I didn't include much DC this week, but I remember the same thing happened with Marvel when Rebirth was in full swing, so it's payback time!!! Some indie stuff, some cool art … thank God it's Wednesday!

Marvel Elite: Welcome to the 90s Edition

(Reheated) Jim Lee (1:1000) and Rob Liefeld (1:100) are the artists for Marvel's most difficult to find covers this week. It's like Image never happened.

Marvel Proletarian: Still in the 90s

Amazing Spider-Man #26

Silver Sable returns!!! Almost at half the size of the Spider-Man logo too. It's almost as if they want to promote the character or something. Don't say you weren't warned!

Deadpool vs Punisher #1 Hildebrant Variant

Deadpool's twice-a-month string of mini-series continues. At least this one is written by a certain Fred Van Lente, which guarantees it will be at least fun.

Indies: The Great Unknown

All-Time Comics #2 (Bull Whip #1)

The first issue was a lot of fun. Something that would feel at home in the middle of the 80s Vigilante series (Al Milgrom's review of Johnny Ryan's work alone was worth the price). New character this month, who knows what we are getting into. A lot of fun, that's what!

Godshaper #1

Simon Spurrier seems to be about to explode and the premise for this comic sounds interesting enough. Worth a look!

Heathen #3

Haven't been able to read this yet, but the previous numbers have been getting hotter. First issue got less than 3K copies, second one even less … Still trying to decide if the heat comes from the numbers or because it's just a great story. Let us know below!

Z-Nation #1 Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant

Poor man's Walking Dead? I didn't make it through the first episode, but I might be missing something. Tie-in comics are a hit and miss, but if you get Parrillo's cover, at least you know you are getting a niece piece of art. It's also co-written by Fred Van Lente, so …

Spencer & Locke #1

The pitch was “what if Calvin & Hobbes grew up in Sin City” … I don't know why but that and the cover art grabbed my attention. Looking forward to this.

Seven to Eternity #5 1:25 Foil Variant

Not much to add to this … First incentive variant for the title that took over the market a few months ago. Hot stuff!

Favorite Covers this week: Unsurprising if you've read this column before

I know, I know, I am playing favorites again … Shirahama and Adams are two fantastic artists and here are two covers that are absolutely awesome, what can I say? At least they are regular covers …

Swipe of the Week: Stop scrolling down, you know what it is

I know, I know, put a gorilla in a cover and I lose all perspective … I am only human, what can I say? Also, no April's Fool covers from Image this week. Scheduling in advance, people, it can be done!!!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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  • invinciblelatin

    Wow, you didn’t mention “Rose”. I definitely looking forward to this series as the two covers I’ve seen of it so far are hot looking. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, it’s an IMAGE comics #1 and lately, you can’t go wrong w/ any #1 Image books.

    • Iñigo

      Don’t know what to say, last Image #1 that I didn’t include was God’s Country, so I am probably completely wrong. I write this before reading the comics, so I might change my opinion, but Mereditch Finch and Ig Guara are not names that make me pay attention. At the end of the day, I let my opinion play into the article or it would be just a list of variants and #1s . Good that you mentioned it for everybody out there, I suppose!

      • Avatar

        yea I picked up two copies at my LCS as they only had 5 left. 2-Finch covers and 3- of the other covers. But I really am digging the Finch cover. Funny, your right about one thing for sure, if you didn’t discuss the other comics, it would only be an article of #1s and variants lol

  • Avatar

    FYI – American Gods #2 has a great Sienkiewicz cover variant out today!

    • Avatar

      Thxs, for heads up, I picked up one of these covers too. I wasn’t even aware that Sienkiewicz had a cover coming out today either. Some great covers this week.

  • vanix

    Geez the Lee and Leifield covers are bad for high incentives, ugh. Bargpole.

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