Name that Mohawk! Who won the Solar Flare Contest?

A while ago we run a contest to name the villain who will make his first appearance in Solar Flare #9 and you gave James Haick a LOT of options. The prize was a full set of the self-published Solar Flare #1-6 (regular and variant covers) plus the impossible to find glow-in-the-dark variant for #1.

Well, the results are in and the winning name is: Quintin “Cutter” Maxwell (proposed by Demon Jim, who we will be contacting really soon). I will let James explain his decision:

I decided to go with Quintin Cutter Maxwell because I really dug the nickname “Cutter” and Quintin Rampage Jackson is one of my all time favorite MMA fighters. The main villain in the 2nd story arc is nicknamed the Stonemaker, so Cutter (who is his right hand man) made a lot of sense. I just got the pencils and inks for issue 9 cover where he is introduced (which you will find below).

As always, thanks to James Haick for letting us run this contest. Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to Demon Jim. Not only will issue #9 be his first appearance, but it will be his first cover too. Pretty awesome, right? That's going to be a great slab to own for a certain Demon!

Remember that Scout Comics is publishing the whole series starting with #1, coming out today!!! And, according to James, it's already going back to print for a 2nd printing!

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  • Demon Jim

    Wow I am so honored to win this contest. To be honest out of all the names that I submitted Cutter was my favorite. This is so cool. I hope to see 1st appearance of Quintin “Cutter” Maxwell on a CGC label and say that I had something to do with that.

    Thank you to CBSI for running the contest, and especially thank you to James Haick for allowing the contest and for simply picking me. By the way my real name is James too 🙂

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