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While people are trying to find a copy of Invincible #1 (and seeing how Topher already gave us an initial take on what else Invincible to get), here are some other alternatives based on numbers that some people might be missing. I used comichron data for this where available, even though there are a lot of unknown numbers for a few of the editions (Diamond Retailer Summits, for example), but I still think it's interesting data.

EDIT: A few hours after publishing the article Rob Zeida (from the FB Invincible Page) contacted me to let me know that, according to Ryan Ottley, the one with the lowest print run is in fact the 1:100 variant for #100 (number 2 in the top 5). This proves, once again, that the estimations we can get from comichron are just that, estimations, and that it would be much better to get numbers from the publishers, which will never happen. He also gives us some more crazy info: there is a recalled version of 94 that only went to people who worked on the book for comps, so good luck all you Invincible completists and thanks a lot, Rob!


Invincible #75 1:50 Variant

Estimated Maximum Print Run: 340

Invincible doesn't have a lot of incentive covers, but when they have one, the numbers are incredibly small, this one being the smallest of them all. Tribute to the first issue's cover (and not the only one, as you will see below), 340 is just the maximum, but it's probably much smaller.


Invincible #100 1:100 Variant

Estimated Maximum Print Run: 398

Another incentive but this time it's for the highest selling issue of the series (almost 40K), so it should be easier to find. One thing you have to keep in mind is that this series has been selling around 15-18K at best. Even Walking Dead has been selling more since around issue #21. If this goes big, it will be a bloodbath!


Invincible #100 Comixology Variant

Public print run: 500

As I mentioned above, I have no idea about the Diamond variants, but there's a clear number associated to this Comixology variant. It's for issue #100, though, which has a lot of covers all around the print run spectrum.


Invincible #10

Estimated print run: 5,599

If we had all the numbers, I could probably would have been able to do a top 5 where all issues are under 1,000 copies, but what would one of my articles be without the lowest sold regular issue? This honor falls on #10, with less than 5,600 copies, closely followed by #11 (5,610), the only two issues that fell below 6,000.


2nd Prints

Estimated print run: less than 2,000

No real numbers for these but there are a few issues that have a 2nd printing (pictured above #51, which had a Jim Lee cover and then this tribute to #1 as the 2nd print cover, which is pretty cool). For collectors, the issues with 2nd printings are: 50, 51, 60, 89, 92, 100, 101, 111 and 127.

Invincible #1

Estimated print run: 10,751

Of course, we had to mention #1. A few more copies out there than Walking Dead #1 (7,266), but still not a lot. Already going for crazy prices and it doesn't seem like it's going to slow down anytime soon. Or at least until people take a look at the Thor: Ragnarok trailer that came out today.

Invincible #1 Skybound 5th Anniversary Editions

Estimated Print Run: ? (anywhere between 50-500)

On one hand these had small print runs, but they are more Nth printings than a good first print #1. In any case, three different editions (color, b&w and blueline) would make for an interesting set for a hardcore collector.

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