Classic Cover of the Week 4/10/2017


New Week, New Covers!!



Snagged a copy of this bad boy this weekend.  I have never seen it before and the level of hate/WWII propaganda is just fantastic.  A couple slabs in real fine shape online for under a grand.  Seems a cover that should be far more expensive to me.


The picture does not do it justice, this book in hand is a real piece of art, though WILDLY inappropriate.



As always, thanks for looking, folks!

HARLEY QUINN (2013) #13

Darwyn Cooke Variant

CGC 9.8 … $65.00

ACTION COMICS (1938) #813

NM 9.4 … $5.00

SUPERMAN (2011) #32

John Romita Jr. San Diego Comic-Con B&W Variant

CBCS 9.8 … $55.00

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