1 Invincible #1

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Cory Walker
Who didn't think this would be adapted?  Confirmation of a movie written & directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg has brought this very low printed (10k) book back into the spotlight.  What was a $600-700 in 9.8 is now well over $1000.

2 Batgirl (Vol. 4) #1

WRITER: Gail Simone
ARTIST: Ardian Syaf
Batgirl with her own movie?  I'm actually pretty excited to see if it gets made.  The rumor that it will be based on the New 52 character is why this ends up in this spot, although there are a number of her books that have seen a bump because of this news (including the 2nd and 3rd prints of this book).  Oh, and it's a Hughes cover.

3 America #2 Arthur Adams 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Gabby Rivera
ARTIST: Joe Quinones
Blazing out of the gates and selling well over $125.  The telling sign to me of the rarity is that even with a large quick flip profit, there are only 5 currently listed at auction.

4 Defenders #27

WRITER: Steve Gerber
ARTIST: Sal Buscema
1st appearance of Starhawk.  The rumor is that Stallone will be playing him in GOTG 2.  Instantly, dozens of copies sold.  2 questions; Is Stallone relevant?  Is this character even interesting?

5 Heathen #1

WRITER: Natasha Alterici
ARTIST: Natasha Alterici
This title appears to be one that people are trying to catch lightning in a bottle.  That being said, this regular issue is selling for $10 and an upcoming variant numbered out of 100 is selling for $200+.

6 All-New Wolverine #19 Francesco Mattina 1:500 B/W Variant

WRITER: Tom Taylor
ARTIST: Leonard Kirk
Confirmed sales of $600+ and only 1 listed on eBay at the moment.  This one may prove to be one of the rarest variants out there.  Outside of maybe 10-20 stores in the country, who would order 500 copies of this title?

7 Wonder Woman #614 Alex Garner 1:10 Variant

WRITER: J. Michael Straczynski
ARTIST: Don Kramer
Stealing from Keith's Variant Heat Check list, this one can't be ignored.  It is the rarest of the Garner 601-614 variants and is just an outstanding image.  Selling for $100.

8 Quantum & Woody #1

WRITER: Christopher Priest
ARTIST: Mark Bright
Continuing to sell well, it is now selling for $40-50 raw.  I have also become aware of a Retailer Review Copy that came out before this #1, but there is very little sales information about it.

9 Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #1 Trevor Von Eeden 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Amy Reeder
ARTIST: Natacha Bustos
So it appears that lower grade versions have leveled off, but high grades are still increasing.  9.8's are now selling $350+.

10 Old Guard #1

WRITER: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Leandro Fernandez
Option news quickly pushed this issue to a $10 book.  There is also the 1:store gold variant, but I wanted to highlight the regular issue here.

X-Men Gold #1 Ron Lim 1:Store Sketch Variant

WRITER: Marc Guggenheim
ARTIST: Ardian Syaf
There is a partial sketch Diamond version of this, but this is the one selling for $30+ at the moment.  Why do I think of The Shake Weight when I look at that trophy?

Carnage 2nd Prints

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Multiple books could be inserted here: Carnage USA #1-2 or Carnage #1-3 (#3 is pictured). Right now any of them is a must buy from the back issue bins, if you can find them.  Look up sold prices of these, you might be surprised.

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  • Avatar

    The America #2 Art Adams variant just broke the $200 barrier!

  • Avatar

    In reality, ASM 300 is still the biggest book in the hobby by far. $600-$700 for 9.6’s. 9.0’s pushing $300. Still interesting to see some of these other books mentioned though. Thank you for taking the time to compile these lists. They’re always an interesting and informative read.

  • Jason S

    Love the Carnage 2nd prints! Thanks for the info and great job!

  • Topher

    I’ll say it again, read Quantum & Woody. You won’t be dissapointed.

  • Avatar

    Is Woody a goat ?

  • Avatar

    Those Carnage 2nd prints ate amaxing covers. Clayton Crain and Carnage/Venom go hand in hand.

    Oh and the fact they are really hard to come by, especially Carnage U.S.A #2 and aven rarer Carnage #3.

    And with A venom movie coming, Carnage can’t be far behind. Those are great covers man!

    As for the All-New Wolverine #19, being sold for 600$ is beyond me.
    I mean don’t get me wrong, that is an amazing cover by Matinna, but it’s simply a black and white version of the regular venomized variant?!?!

    I miss the days where 2nd print variants and ratio variants were cool DIFFERENT covers.

    Now you slap on a different background color or remove the color all together, make it a 1:500 ot 1:1000 and we have people spending massive money on something unoriginal and nothing new.

    Don’t get me started on Venom #1 1:1000.

    DC and especially Marvel, should stop insulting its clients and quit being lazy and cheap and take the time and pay the talent to produce true variant covers of their comics since they are so inclined in shoving down our throats 100+ variants a month!

  • Avatar

    Just realized that everyone is talking about the Moongirl and DDino #1 variant issue however Pail Pope variant of issue #3 is selling just as well if not better.

    Multiple sales in the 140$+ range. These must definitely be hard to come by.

    Nice list by the way!

  • Avatar

    There is only one Quantum and Woody #1 retailer review in the CGC Census and it’s a 9.8 there were 5,000 printed and sent out to retailers in 1997 how many of those survived is anyone’s guess. They are hard to find in the wild and most likely trashed or in PC of Hardcore Valiant collectors

  • Avatar

    About Starhawk: The book to have is Defenders 28 1st full appearance and first cover.

  • Avatar

    What do you think the print run for Carnage #3 2nd print run is. The 1st print from comichron says 28 334.
    Bassed on nothing factual with my 5+ years of collecting. I’m guessing 2nd print #3 has under a 1000 copies.

    What’s everyone’s thought?

  • Avatar

    I think you are right man.

    I also believe the print run of Carnage 3 2nd print could be around that.

    Maybe less, I mean there are only 3 recent sales on Ebay from the same seller. That means no other sales from others. So a very rare book.

    I say if you find one and can afford it… Buy it!

  • Avatar

    I searched for a while for the actual print run on the Carnage #3 2nd Print. I did find one blog that claimed the number was 2000 but the sales really don’t reflect that number. Aside from that, the information doesnt appear to exist anywhere. Either there are very few out there to be had, or they are all buried in collections somewhere.
    It took me 7 months of searching to find one at a price I could afford in decent condition and even then I paid way more than I wanted to. It rarely comes up on Ebay and when it does it tends to dissapear quick unless it’s ludicrously priced. Also, its worth noting every copy I’ve seen to this date had issues that kept it from being a 9.8.

  • Avatar

    Nice list as always.
    Good Work
    Gotta Add Ultimate X #1 all covers in the list next week as that comic is hot fire on the bay.

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