The Day After Wednesday for 4/6/17

Yep! Day After Wednesday is back after a long hiatus! Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After Wednesday” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 4/6/17. They could still be at your shop.


AMERICA #2 ADAMS 1:50 VARIANT – While the 1:25 Sauvage Variant is only doing $15, the Arthur Adams Variant is super-hot and way outperforming the #1 variants. With the standard #2 print run dip, this variant was incredibly tough to find yesterday. It was under ordered and in high demand, not to mention a great cover. What’s strange is that it was bouncing around $60 to $130 yesterday. As I write this, there are 4 listed. One BIN listing is asking for $300 and there’s an auction at $122 with 5 days left! The other auctions are chugging along as well. I hope you didn’t sell your copy. This book is going to have legs. My guess is that it’ll hit and rest at $200 for a good while. Man I wish I found one.


BLACK CLOUD #1 (IMAGE) – Okay, yes, this has been selling from $6 to $11. And yes, double cover price is great! However, the last sale was for $7. Careful rushing out to buy all the copies, I think this is a flooder’s book. Meaning, the buyer purchases a copy, flips it and is also replicated by numerous other buyers and therefore flooding the market and therefore dropping the value to compete/move copies. You never know long term. Get one (or two) and wait it out.

ALL NEW WOLVERINE #19 – Both the Kirk 1:25 and the Torque 1:25 variants are doing roughly $20 to $25. I grabbed a Kirk variant. However, as a massive fan of Artgerm, I really like the KRS store exclusives. But maybe this is because it’s almost the same pose and smirk as my favorite Artgerm cover, Batgirl #12 (2008). Look at them side by side. Still nice though.


AMORY WARS GOOD APOLLO #1 (OF 12) (BOOM) – The Morales variant is doing about $10.

COLOSSI #1 – I was trying to find this book yesterday and no stores near me had a copy. Currently, it’s selling for pretty much cover. However, there are only 2 copies listed. One’s at a BIN of $15. Definitely keep an eye on this.


DARK SOULS TALES OF EMBER #1 (OF 2) (TITAN) – Dear Titan comics, why SO many variants?

DOCTOR WHO GHOST STORIES #1 (OF 4) (TITAN) – Dear Titan, please see above.

ELEANOR & THE EGRET #1 (AFTERSHOCK) – I didn’t see the 1:10 Torque variant anywhere. It’s actually a really nice cover. However, it’s only selling for $8. Our friend Jimmy has the lowest printed variant at

EXTREMITY #1 2ND PTG (IMAGE) – With Extremity going back for a 3rd printing, keep an eye on this 2nd printing. There’s only 1 currently listed. I didn’t see any yesterday. 2nd Printings can be unpredictable, so tread lightly.


IRON FIST #2 BRADSTREET 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Steadily selling at $20. Not much heat behind it though. It’ll come down a bit.



PENNY DREADFUL #1 (TITAN) – Several variants, none seem to be doing anything.

REVOLUTION AW YEAH #1 (IDW) – Is this the Teen Titans Go version of Transformers and Rom? It seems like it. If so, that’s not a bad idea. Grab one for the kid you think needs Transformers in their lives.

RIVERDALE (ONGOING) #1 (ARCHIE) – Bring the drama of the show right into your living room.

ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN #1 (IMAGE) – The April fool’s variant isn’t doing anything.

ROYALS #1 (MARVEL) – I’m sorry, the Lorde song jumps into my head every single time I see this title. While the variants aren’t doing much, get your LCS to pull the Granov 1:25 Variant for issue #2 for you. That’s already hitting $50 and it is a fantastic cover. That should do well.

STAR WARS ROGUE ONE ADAPTATION #1 (OF 6) – Adaptations rarely perform well in the aftermarket. The movie variant did see some sales of $30 yesterday, however it has already settled to around $10.


X-MEN GOLD #1 – The Deadpool Lim Party variant is selling for about $30. However, none of the other variants seem to be doing anything. The J. Scott Campbell store exclusives look good. I appreciate these for doing more than just a color or virgin swipe. Don’t get me wrong, there are many virgin/color swipes that I like a lot. But I really enjoy the detailed differences and seeing slight changes to the costumes in each one.


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