Power Girl #5 1:10 Variant by Guillem March

Welcome back! It's been a while since we’ve discussed female characters so let's go ahead and see what we've got!

Power Girl #5
1:10 Variant
Release Date: September 23 2009
Cover Artist: Guillem March
Print run: 2,947
Raw: $80

You may or may not know this, but at this moment, Power Girl #3-4-5-6 1:10 variants by Guillem March are all selling for decent money. They are hard to get, of course, but there's also the fact that Mr. March is getting some deserved attention over his work. Now I can't talk about all four of them, so I've picked #5. Why? Because for some reason, it seems to be the cheapest issue of the lot you can get right now (when they appear online at a reasonable price that is – I’m looking at you, $175 listing on Ebay!). I am not saying this because I don't think it has potential. On the contrary, I am telling you, if you have some left-over budget and you want to spend it on speculation, this one might be a variant to think about. The colors are fantastic and the art is beautiful. Plus, you get a nice, rare Power Girl variant – when you're talking your friends up about that Power Girl variant you have, they’ll be expecting you to show up with a “common” Adam Hughes variant, but no! BAM! You'll be the new Power Girl variant master once you show them this beauty.

Okay, we’ve talked Power Girl, now we'll move on to a totally different type of woman…we like diversity!

Batman Incorporated #12
1:25 Variant
Release date: July 03 2013
Cover artist: Guillem March
Print run: 2,103
Raw: $25

Another Guillem March variant, and this one is all about Talia al Ghul. If you've read Batman Incorporated, you know how valuable she is to the whole story arc, so, without giving any spoilers (which you should probably be aware of by now anyway), it's easy to get why there's a variant about her.

Now I know that this one is visually very different than the one we previously talked about, but when we take a look at both books specs and characteristics, it's easy to figure out how they are similar on those matters. For instance, both variants involve women who are strongly established in the DCU but still have very few valuable comics involving them. Also, they have a very similar print run, even if they do not share the same incentive ratio. And, of course, let's not forget that these two variants were done by the same talented artist.

Concerning Batman Inc. #12 individually, I think it's safe to say that the art is really speaking for itself. Talia holding a skull with the “to be or not to be” pose (proof below) in front of the Bat symbol perfectly expresses the character’s personality and it’s also directly related to the story in a certain, meaningful way. Some might say that the cover is too sexy or explicit, but frankly I think it's just beautiful and kind of poetic. I'll be honest though, I think DC saved the day with the “Leviathan Triumphant!” title ;). Anyway, before anyone brands this one as an ‘’offensive cover’’ or something, I’ll go ahead and baptize this one as the “To be or not to be variant”.

In all honesty I think that both comics have a lot of room to grow. Power Girl #5 might be a little bit more expensive, but there are 3 other variants from the same run/artist that can give you a pretty good idea of how safe your investment would be. As for Batman Inc. #12, it's surely less pricey, and the print run is lower but, ironically, and for the sake of argument, there aren't any other variants similar to this one to guide you on how well it could do, so you'll be investing in a unique item.

Hope you had fun reading today’s article, be sure to be back next week for another one! Don't be shy and drop a comment if you like, I also enjoy reading them! Here’s what we can call the ‘’thought process’’ of March on the Batman Inc. #12 cover art. See ya!


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