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We survived the Venomized variants and made it to April! So what do Marvel have in store for us? ResurrXion variants, that's what! And maybe a new line of elite variants if this week is any indication. Image do April's Fools variants, which are kind of fun and swipes too, so I will be featuring all of them. DC, in the meantime, are counting down to the return of the lenticular covers in a couple of weeks.

No DC in today's article, which doesn't mean they don't have good stuff coming out this week (Batman, Superman, Deathstroke, …), but nothing half as eccentric as Marvel's output this week. Good ol' Marvel! The House of Ideas! Come back, we miss you!

Marvel Elite

A 1:500 for All-New Wolverine #19 (btw, this issue has a another nice Torque 1:25 variant that might do really well) seems to be going the real winner this week, because it looks awesome even if it's just a B&W version. X-Men Gold #1 is a mess, with a 1 per store variant, a 2 per store variant (coming soon, the innovative, dare I say it, the 1.5 per store variant!!! You heard it here first!) and a recycled Jim Lee 1:1000 variant are just the tip of the iceberg. It comes with 11 different covers, some really ugly (where's our good taste defender Bizarro when we need him?), and that's not even counting the store exclusives … A mess, really! What's worse is that as a long-time X-Men fan, I have absolutely no interest in this relaunch …

All-New Wolverine #19 Francesco Mattina 1:500 Variant X-Men Gold #1 Ron Lim 1 per Store Variant
X-Men Gold #1 Ardian Syaf 2 per Store Variant X-Men Gold #1 Jim Lee 1:1000 Variant

Comics to Actually Read and Enjoy

Black Cloud #1

I have been looking forward about this series for a while … Latour, Brandon and Hinkle sounds like a recipe for success, the premise sounds interesting and it has just one cover. Could this be the next big Image hit? I would say so.

America #2 Arthur Adams 1:50 Variant

While we still don't know if this character will be the next big thing, I would compare this to the Ms Marvel #2 Jorge Molina Variant. If the character takes off, this will get big.

Eleanor & The Egret #1

John Layman, Sam Kieth and a weird story should make for a good combination. I am personally hoping for Kieth at top form here. If we get it, this could do really well.

Amory Wars III: Good Apollo #1 Rags Morales 1:15 Virgin Variant

Third series in the Amory Wars saga written by Claudio Sanchez and with Rags Morales on pencils (where has this guy been?) you know that people are going to pay attention.

Steve Rogers: Captain America #15

Marvel keeps throwing us the occasional Dell'Otto at affordable prices bone. This one is a pretty bad-ass Cap vs Red Skull cover and I am sure people will notice it.

Royals #1

Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers try to make the Inhumans readable. No easy task, but they seem to be going the space opera route and, if anything, Marvel cosmic has proved time and again that it's normally more fun than we give it credit for.

Trump Watch

Grimm Tales of Terror April Fool's Edition 2017 Anthony Spay Cover

Image April Fool's Variants

Fun swipes, they don't get any better than these …

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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