Silver Sable with Special Guest… The Black Cat!

Are there any good Silver Sable books? This had come up in discussion way back when the Sony news first leaked. “Good” meaning from a speculation stand point. I Actually like the character and have been looking into her appearances for a while.

The only book I could really see getting behind for Silver Sable speculation wise when the e-mails leaked was Marvel Tales #277. I'll explain why.

We all know Silver Sable’s first appearance is Amazing Spider-Man #265. And we all know there are a ton of them out there in various grades. It’s a pretty common book. The second printing was released to coincide with Silver Sable #1 release in 1993. For those old enough to remember, those second printing were everywhere and many of them just ended up in dollar bins. Getting beat up for the last 20 odd years.

Marvel Tales #277 came out months after the first wave of the Silver Sable #1 push. Marvel Tales being a reprint book wasn’t a big seller. It was canceled a year later. The interesting thing is this is the only version of ASM#265 that has Silver Sable on the cover… at least that i’m aware of.

Silver Sable shows up in assorted issues of the Spider-man titles. Aside from ASM265 people might want to check out…

Amazing Spider-man #279. This is a solo story with Silver Sable drawn by Rick Leonardi. It's also reprinted in Marvel Tales #287 with a different cover. Part of the Spider-Man “Missing in Action” story arc.

Web of Spider-Man Annual #5. Silver Sable solo backstory.  I think this story counts as an origin. I could see some of it translating onto the big screen.

Amazing Spider-man #280-281. Silver Sable is in both these issues. I think they might have been important if Sony had done a Sinister Six film with Silver Sable involved in it.

Amazing Spider-man #301-303. In 301 she fights Spider-Man which is pretty cool since a lot of the time Sable and Spidey share in books or pages is talking… seriously, it's really odd. 302 is a cameo, she's on two pages. 303 she appears as the story arc concludes. 303 is also the first issue where Todd Mcfarlane’s direct market upc box illustrations started to appear.

Amazing Spider-man 320-325. “The Assassination plot” This was a 6 issue story arc featuring Silver Sable and Spider-man. Todd Mcfarlane only draws 5 out of the six issues.

Silver Sable #1. First issue of Silver Sable, complete with a Silver foil cardstock cover.

Silver Sable #18-19. You can read Jason's article on these issues HERE!

Silver Sable #23. Deadpool appearance, nuff said.

Silver Sable #30. Deadpool appearance, nuff said.

Silver Sable #35. Talk about too little too late. Li'l Silvie probably could have made some real money back then, still could. Funny thing, Li'l Silvie's first appearance isn't this book. This is her last appearance since this is the final issue after all.

Silver Sable #25. First appearance of Li'l Silvie. It's a back up story. Silver Sable issues frequently had back up stories.

Aside from the above books, I’m not sure what else directly pertaining to Silver Sable there is to mention. I'm sure there are some other cool issues of her series.

Amazing Spider-Man #679. First time Spider-man and Silver Sable kiss… that I'm aware of. Cut me some slack, there really isn't a lot out there.

What about Silver Sable and the Black Cat?

What makes the comic speculation game interesting is that we have no idea what the Black Cat/Silver Sable movie will draw from yet, if anything.

Depending on what you've read and where you’ve read it. It’s kinda ambiguous as to if they're appearing in the same movie. The only solid information I've seen so far is confirming they are both in the same movie.

Let's face it, a BC/SS Movie Silver and Black will be a variation of a heist film. Silver Sable will try to catch Black Cat or something along those lines. In ASM#265 Silver Sable is on the trail of a thief named Black Fox, so change Black Fox to Black Cat and you pretty much have a Movie… well, except no Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Man 1st Series #129. Silver Sable mentioned the Black Cat or rather “Felicia Hardy” in one panel at the end of #129. At time of writing this, it’s the first time one makes mention of the other that i’ve seen. While both characters are part of this story, other than the mention, they never appear in the same panel or on the same page. So, no dice on this one.

Which brings us to, drum roll please….

What If? #21 2nd Series Jan 1991.  Silver Sable and the Black Cat shares 2 or 3 panels and multiple page appearances throughout this issue. At the time of writing this, it’s the first time they share panels or scenes that i’ve found. Also it's the first time both characters share a cover as far as i can tell. It’s outside of the normal Marvel 616 continuity… and Black Cat is dead in one of these panels, but it still fits the criteria.

Topher and I talked about a couple of books. I spent about two days double checking and double rechecking because I wanted to make 100% sure.

Now I know what some people are thinking. Black Cat and Silver Sable both appeared in Spider-Man comics how have they not meet before? They don’t seem to share any panels or scenes prior to What if ? #21. It’s bizarre, I know, I didn't believe it either at first.

Until you stop and think about it.

Black Cat mostly appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man. She went on a long hiatus while Spider-Man and Mary Jane were doing the marriage thing. Silver Sable on the other hand, appeared mostly in amazing Spider-Man. Sable has a more business like relationship with the Wall Crawler… well except that one panel in ASM#679. 

Even during the Spider-Man “Missing in Action” arc, Black Cat and Silver Sable don't appear in the same issues, even though they are both looking for Spider-man. They criss cross, one shows up in one book, then the other. Like two ships passing that are never meant to meet… or something poetic like that.

IF What if? 21 isn't a solid enough book for you, the next best thing is going to be…

Beavis and Butt-Head #10 1994. I briefly mentioned this one last summer in my Black Cat article. Who knew that Sony would put these two characters into a movie together?!

I do love this page, penciled and inked by Mark Beachum. Beachum is a name older comic collectors might recognize. It’s a harder to find book that's for sure. Sadly, it's only this one page.

I’m rather fond of Black Cat so how could I not mention one of her more obscure books. I briefly mentioned last year that Uncanny Origins 10 might be good to keep an eye out for. It’s a retelling, not a reprinting of Black Cats origin. The print run is extremely low compared to other books from the 90's. Being dollar bin fodder hasn’t helped the condition of the copies in the wild.

Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable will all exist in the same Sony Movie universe. So there’s crossover potential for all three to appear in each others movie. They all should appear in each others movies if Sony really wants a connected universe. After all that's kinda how the idea of connectivity works. Spider-Man is the common thread that binds the 3 characters… I’d guess it will have to be tethered to Spidey somehow. Maybe it'll be Miles or maybe it will be a world without spider-man… Wait. What if Spider-Man is actually dead in the Sony Marvel Movie Universe?! 

Till Next Time! 


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