Of Godkillers, Batgirls, Durlans and Creatures

It’s a quick one this week readers. Enjoy!

Deathstroke 7, 7b

First appearance of the Godkiller sword

The most recent trailer for WW heavily features the Godkiller sword.

I can already see Diana beheading Ares with this thing. Surprisingly the sword has very little to do with the comics but it did make its first appearance in the hands of a familiar villain.

Batgirl Year One

Skot Whitman pretty much hit all the books any speculator needs to buy or sell concerning Batgirl! Here’s my favorite set…
This exceptional story from Chuck Dixon was a critical success when it came out. With killer covers and a great story, it’s a series no fan can afford to miss.

I wouldn’t sleep on her second appearance either.

Action Comics 283

First Appearance of the Durlans

Another alien race is coming to the CW. This time it’s the shapeshifting Durlans. We have already seen one ( the original Wonder Woman! ) who is the president on Supergirl. She confirmed via twitter that she is in fact a Durlan!

Dell The Creature ( #12-142-302 )

First appearance of the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Universal’s monsters continue their return to the big screen and that includes my favorite! He made his first comic appearance in this Dell classic.

Note: There is a reprint as well.

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    Thanks for spotlighting Batgirl’s second appearance on here. I would also recommend the Creature from the Black Lagoon cover from Archie’s Pal Jughead #79 as well.

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