Winners of the Fan Expo Variant Set!

Who won? Who lost? Will the variant universe ever be the same??? Of course it will be … I mean, even if you didn't win, you still have the opportunity to get the variant set RIGHT NOW (and until Sunday night or they sell out) at the Fan Expo Store website.

As always, let's pad this out by checking the covers one last time:

So the winners were:

  1. Best comment (according to me) goes to … Vhoorlian because he mentioned Dolph Lundgren!!! Nah, but he makes a really valid point and I remember what a big deal PWJ was, it's the comic that put Jim Lee in the path of superstardom. Congrats V!!!
  2. Random comment (according to goes to … Congrats dhero!!!

I will contact both of you in the next couple of days, but for the rest of you … the variants went on sale a couple of hours ago, so if you want them move it or lose it. Again, thanks to Fan Expo for giving us this chance!!!

PS: Still waiting for James Haick to make his choice of a name, we haven't forgotten about it.


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