Silver Sable & The Wild Pack #18 & #19 – Nov-Dec 1993 – Steve Butler

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown, ladies and gentlemen! So bear with me, as I know the Batgirl announcement took some of the wind out of the sails of the Black Cat and Silver Sable announcement. But, I think there are still a lot of Black Cat and Silver Sable comics out there that could see some major movement as the movie gets closer. Last week I went with Black Cat, and this week, we go to the Silver Sable. I give to you Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #18 and #19, from November, December 1993. Covers by Steve Butler. Both include a crossover with Venom! Why these? Well, Sony did announce that this movie, along with Venom would not crossover into the MCU, but they did not say they wouldn't cross over with each other. So I could easily see that. So why not grab these crossovers while they are cheap!

These were released in the early 90's….so you know what that means….they are out there….But you know there are not that many in great condition. And for now, they are cheap. I would grab multiples and hold them for now. They can only go up. Good luck and Happy Hunting fellas!!


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