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So this one is long overdue… Thursday news broke that Joss Whedon is up for doing a Batgirl movie. So now seemed like as good a time as any to write this. It's not confirmed or anything. Whedon is just in talks right now… So you might want to tread lightly with your speculation and purchases until the inks drying on the contract. This could very easily end up in Hollywood development hell.

There’s probably two books that are already on people's radar:

Detective Comics #359. This book is a first appearance for both Barbara and her alter ego. I could go in-depth but Iñigo is in a hurry for this (Iñigo here, I am only doing for all of you out there).

Batgirl #1 New 52. First time Barbara headlines a monthly Batgirl title. I know, crazy right. But up till this point it’s always been someone else, like Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown… Or the 9 issue mini series, but I'll get to that further down.

There’s no easy way to do this, so i’m going to just dive right in head first.

Animated Series:

Batman Adventures #12. People have been saying this book was going to cool down… Magic 8 ball says “That seems unlikely”. I don’t know how much it’s going to climb but the Batgirl news is defiantly a shot in the arm to keep this book's popularity up.

Batgirl  Adventures #1. This should also be on people's radar already since it's a well-known book. I also mentioned it briefly in my Harley Quinn article last year. Harley needs help to rescue Poison Ivy? So Harley gets Batgirl to help her and it turns into a Harley Batgirl team up adventure!  I could see this issue playing out on the big screen a little later down the road.

Batman Adventures #18. Batgirl and Robin team-up.

Batman and Robin Adventures #21. Batgirl and the Riddler.

Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1. Batgirl vs Clayface story… With a little help from the GCPD. This story was used for an Animated series episode.

Gotham Girls #5. Has a really interesting Batgirl cover. I believe she appears throughout the series.

Batman: Gotham Adventures #1, #5, #9, #22, #24... Batgirl appears throughout this series pretty regularly.

Ok, so there's just too many Batgirl animated series appearance to even try and list them all with everything else. So I'm going to move on. Folks should definitely start digging because they're plenty of cool animated appearance for Batgirl out there.

Batman: BatGirl #1. This was released to coincide with the Batman and Robin movie. It’s got a Stelfreeze cover, so there’s worst things to have around.

All Star Batman and Robin #6. There's a cover by Jim Lee for the regular edition. A variant by Frank Miller. There's also a Black and White RRP retailer incentive edition autographed by Jim Lee… so have fun chasing that.

Batgirl Year One #1-9. Really good mini series as I remember it. It's year one of Barbara as Batgirl, so that should count for something. While it's not Barbara's first time having the Batgirl logo splashed across the cover. It would be her first series beyond a one-shot with multiple consecutive issues.

Oracle related:

Batgirl Special #1 1988. First time Barbara get’s a solo comic, not a team-up where she’s sharing the glory. This is also the last Batgirl story prior to The Killing Joke.

The Killing Joke #1. It’s the Killing Joke, This is the book where things go south in a hurry for Barbara.

Suicide Squad #23. First Oracle. Oracle is who Barbara becomes after Batgirl. Can’t keep a good crimefighter down.

Birds of Prey… just read this

Variant… there’s a lot of variants out there as well as regular covers. Many have already been mentioned by others over the years. I’ll try to hit the high points real quick.

New 52 Batgirl Covers and Variants:

Batgirl #1. 2nd, 3rd printing variants. Same Adam Hughes cover with a color tweak.

Batgirl #2-6. Adam Hughes regular covers.

Batgirl #11-12. Artgerm regular covers.

Batgirl 13. 2nd, 3rd and Newsstand. Death in the Family Prelude. 2nd and 3rd are reprints with an Alex Garner cover. The cover is different from the Newsstand or the first printing.

Batgirl #27. 1:25 Scribblenauts Variant.

Batgirl #28. 1:25 SteamPunk Variant.

Batgirl #29. 1:25 Robot Chicken Variant.

Batgirl #30. 1:25 Mad Variant.

Batgirl #31. 1:25 Retailer Incentive Variant.

Batgirl #32. DC Collectibles Bombshells Variant.

Batgirl #33. Batman 75 Variant.

Batgirl #34. DCU Selfie Variant Edition.

Batgirl #35. All the variants! There’s a bunch, figure it out… but seriously, I'll talk more about this at the end.

Batgirl #36. 1:25 Retailer Incentive Variant… or the Lego variant.

Batgirl #37. 1:25 Bengal Retailer Incentive Variant. This is also the “Controversial Issues” that supposedly DC says they'll never reprint. It was left out of the TPB. So any of the 3 covers in this case.

Batgirl #38. Blank Cover. Now would be the perfect time to get sketch covers of Batgirl because it’s convention season!!

Batgirl #39. Harley Quinn Selfie variant… or whatever it’s called. Killing Joke Homage?

Batgirl #40. Purple Rain Movie Variant. There's also a different variant cover for WonderCon, ECCC and another convention. The logo's are different colors.

Batgirl #42. La Mole Comic Con Design Variant.

Batgirl #44. NYCCC Variant.

Batgirl #52. B Homage to The Batgirl #1 cover by Adam Hughes variant.

Anything else?

Well, yeah, but honestly there reaches a point where you just have to draw the line. Anyways, here's a few odds and ends to start closing this out…

Harley Quinn #10. Harley steals Batgirl's costume and does a little… Cosplay. Cassandra Cain was Batgirl at this point. Terry Dodson Cover and interior art.

Batgirl #45. Cassandra Cain wears Barbara's old suit and learn why crime fighting in high heels sucks. James Jean cover.

DC Legends: Batgirl #10 – #11. 2 part story drawn by Terry Dodson and Inked by Kevin Nowlan. That's reason enough to have it. The first half of #10 is silent I think.

Thrillkillers #1-3. Easily the version I'd prefer to see on screen. It's a damn fine stand alone Batgirl story in my opinion.

Secret Origins #10 (2015). Origin of the Batgirl of Burnside. There's both a first and second printing. Red color tweak on the 2nd printing.

Batman Year '66 #5. Batgirl incentive variant… It seems like there's an endless number of Batgirl books and covers out there… There's always seems to be something else.

Detective Comics #369. 4th? appearance…

Detective Comics #371. Sexist Cover with Batgirl worried about her tights.

Detective Comics #422. Batgirl Unmasked!

World's Finest #169. First meeting/team-up of Batgirl and Supergirl… sorta, those who've read it know what I mean.

You get the idea, this could go on forever!

Why haven't you mentioned Flashpoint #5?

Ok, so the rumor is the “new 52” version is the direction DC/WB are going with the movie. The first of the new 52 version(s) is in Flashpoint #5. So what makes anyone think this is the New 52 version those sources mean? Seriously, odds are very good the New 52 Batgirl of Burnside redesigned version (starting in Batgirl #35) is close to what we'll see on screen, visually. This version does seems more akin to Joss Whedon's Buffy making it the most likely version if he's involved… but who really knows.

I just don't think something like a Flashpoint #5 being a first cameo of a “new 52” version of the Barbara Gordon Batgirl really matters to most people. It's not the first Batgirl, it's not the first Barbara Gordon, it's not the first Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. She's not on the cover and only appears on this splash page… Granted there's probably other reasons to own Flashpoint #5. It's got a dope cover, no doubt… I think it's a real hard sell to the general comic buying public. I hate cameos, especially “where is Waldo cameos” like this. It's no surprise I'm really not feeling this book.

I’d like to thank all the CBSI writers and g+ group members who've been discussing it and who all piped in with different Batgirl covers and books. This ones’a CBSI group effort for-sure and that's what makes this community great!

Till Next Time…

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