The Unpressable Defects 47

In this issue …. Valiant, Spider-Man: Homecoming, books they can never find in the wild and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Avatar

    Great show as always guys and please jimmy do the french voice the ppl want it. Funny butt hole story jimmy you had me rolling and yup that pooh smell dose it for me too lol. More exciting venomize koi stories please I felt robbed this week all we got was an ice tea story come on bro you had me at the edge of my seat and all we got was there are no refills in cali for ice tea. Legg you da man brother where ever the Raiders go the Raider Nation will follow.

    • Khoi Cakes

      Hahaha. Sorry man. The problem with talking about your past is that if anybody you know now hears you talking about that stuff, it comes back to haunt you. Loose lips sink ships. I let too much out of the bag already. But really though, when you’re a gambler, it all becomes the same, day after day. You have some stuff that comes up, good and bad, but it’s really just about you and the cards.

  • sequentialgeek

    It is pathetic that ‘American’ culture has become so sheltered, and ‘entitled’ to be alienating towards anyone outside a comforst zone, and just completely fu(k3d socially to the extent that people have to listen to male consumers sit around gabbing on online podcasts…for like OVER TWO HOURS… Jeeezaaz, fu(kn fake-@ss ‘country’. You lost me sixteen minutes into it with your bullshit dismissive view on the Independents. Too lame,… Bummer, because I realize you appreciate ‘comic books’ and sequential, and you want to have discussions, becuase they are fun, but this is not insightful, or… anything; this is just early 21st Centur former-USA ‘online’. It is sad that you think Kirkman is the biggest name in comics right now. I dont know, …yall are at least doing something, but still, sorry…

    So sorry, man, but the internet has noting to do with things like enabling competition -people would know about Titan Comics if other conglomerates didnt payola Google to screw smaller fish over, and the economies of scale today enable Marvel and DC to have majority market share with their every repetitive super hero ‘comic books’ that give a bad name actual *sequential*… The internet is data mining, predictive analytics, and limiting what we do, while I am constantly sending wrong orders back to Amazon and Ebay sellers that do not give a sh!+, and waiting on refunds for wrong books sent to me…

    If we didnt live in environments that solely enable traffic, wallmart/targets, fast food, parking lots, fake journalsm, outsourcing, brand identity, staring at screens, more and more and more ASPHALT STRIP MALL JUNK FOOD TRAFFIC CRAP and more bigotry, then pod casts would not be taken ‘seriously’ in this fake country (doesnt matter if there is a ‘democrat’ or ‘republican’ or any other company ‘in power’). Sorry, but good luck… I know you will go far w/this while everything is turned to sh!+.

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