Top 5 Jim Lee Covers I didn’t know existed

Somehow, I thought putting together a Jim Lee cover checklist would be fun. While I hurry to finish it up by next week, here are some covers I was surprised to see (and a couple of my favorite ones as Honorable Mentions).


CBS Presents Action Zone

CBS giveaway to promote their Saturday Morning cartoon block with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the short-lived WildCATS and Skeleton Warriors, I think this is one of the few (only?) times Jim Lee worked on the TMNT so that alone makes this interesting.


Strangers in Paradise #1 Jam Variant

This I should know about as I was collecting SiP when it came out, but never heard about this until this week. Fun cover, playing up the differences between Wildstorm and what Homage were about. Not so easy to find apparently.


Transformers #53

I went for this cover, but it's representative of all those Marvel covers Lee did in the late 80's / early 90's. We all know about the Conan covers, but what about Transformers, The ‘Nam, Quasar, Robocop 2, … The list is pretty long!


Punisher Magazine #14

A painted Jim Lee cover takes this position because I can't remember another one off the top of my head. He did experiment with watercolors in the early 2000's but fully painted? I think this is the one?


Legion of Super-Heroes (2010) #4

Another thing you don't see Jim Lee do much of? Tribute covers! And this is a perfect swipe of Keith Giffen's Legion of Super-Heroes (1989) #4. The whole run of Lee's LoSH covers being tributes to the different Legion eras is pretty awesome.

First Wave #6

Jim Lee drawing Batman, the Spirit and Doc Savage in the same piece is so right. It's a perfect tribute to pulp and Golden Age comics.

Image United #1

Last but not least, this beautiful cover for Image United with Jim Lee drawing some of Image's biggest characters. One of those things that's not going to happen any time soon, unfortunately.


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