Subject 30: DC Rebirth Cover B’s

Cover B's are the thing I love the most about DC’s rebirth relaunch. As a collector I love having that choice of covers and not having to chase down a ratio variant.

If you’ve listened to the podcast recently, you’re probably aware a lot of shops are not ordering B covers for the DC books… at least not as many as they did over the summer. Some DC titles have stopped offering the B Covers.

Like it or not, there are more and more people getting wise to the variant market. The cover B's probably have a lower print run. Which gives it the best chance to be sold at a later date… If it doesn’t sell out the first week… Or the day it's released. There’s more reason to order the cover B’s than the cover A’s when you think about it. A customer can go anywhere and get the cover A’s after all.

As I understand it, a shop could just order only the cover B’s and no cover A’s if that’s what they wanted to do. So there’s no excuse… And let’s face it, even if it’s a 1:1, it’s not like you have to over order this stuff. If you sell 50 copies of Batman, order 30 of A and 20 of B or whatever you need to do. Seriously, how often does the cover A actually sell out from Diamond on these DC books. Sure it happens and we all can list a few of them, like Superman #10.

Which reminds me, when an issue of these DC books does go into a second printing, what cover do they use? That's right, they use the cover A with a different colored banner and in Superman #10's case, a red background. So unless LCS's start ordering more cover B's than A's. Cover B's will always be the more limited cover image despite it not being a ratio variant.

A brick and mortar LCS is in the business to make money. Not ordering the cover B’s and praying like hell nobody comes looking for it is not a great way to do that. In addition to the shop not making a sale, they are forcing business to either another LCS or worse, just giving that money to an online retailer.

It’s way less hassle for a collector to just go to Midtown online and save themselves the headache, time and gas money by “keeping it local”. That’s a two way street folks. A collector's desire to support their LCS will only go so far. Local comic shops, if you want folks to keep it local, you need to give them an incentive. Ordering whatever's the easiest for you isn’t going to instill any loyalty from your customers.

On the other side of the coin, collectors, this also partially falls on you also. Like I said, it's a 2 way street. If you want the cover B’s, then you need to talk to your LCS's in advance… Like more than a week before it ships. You can’t walk into a comic shop on Wednesday morning and complain because they didn’t have 20 copies of Death of Hawkman #6 cover B. If you wanted it, well, you should have planned ahead. Which is simple since these are not based on ordering ratios.

It’s been said before but it bears repeating. LCS’s are on a three month ordering cycle. Stop being lazy and start being proactive. Pony up the $5 bucks or whatever for a copy of Previews. It's cheaper than the eBay markup. Then you’ll be on the same page as your LCS. If you see something, talk to your LCS. Most LCS’s will order it for you if they like money. You can’t wait until someone mentions it on google or in the forums. I say this all the time, if you're waiting for someone else telling you about it, it’s probably too late.

This might seem harsh, but honestly… If you're just sharking in on Wednesday mornings and snapping up multiple copies of stuff that doesn’t help anyone. Working with your LCS’s and communicating with them will always fare better for both the shop and the collector. It’s a symbiosis folks, like Venom. If your LCS doesn’t want to work with you, that’s on them. However you should at the very least make the effort.

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    So what would you say are the top 10 cover Bs in terms of value or future value? I know Batgirl #6 (1st son of Penguin), Death of Hawkman #6 (Sienkiewicz), and Nightwing #16 (B&R #1 cover swipe) have all seen an uptick. Any others?

  • jason jones

    I’m on the road again, in a large city, and very few B covers to be found in the 4 locations I visited. I asked one LCS worker and he told me they were have trouble getting them in, some diamond thing (but I don’t think he was the one doing the ordering so he may have been talking out his rear).

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    Harley Quinn 11 B Cho is a classic and has risen in value for a cover B

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    Art wise, I like Frison’s Wonder Woman, Sienkiewicz’s Harley Quinn, and Jock’s All Star Batman. None of these are moving now, but I have been picking them up in the mark down bins.

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    Well said, well said!

    I’m finding very few Bs in any of my regular LCS stores. A couple get a few, one I go to never seems to get any or if he does, only one copy…

    As for ordering, I reserve books at three different shops (for various reasons, including my travel schedule for work). I fill out my Previews form for each and submit it on time. And more times than you would think, the wrong cover gets pulled. Now in some cases I can get it fixed, in some I get told “We’ll have to order one in for you”, and sometimes it’s just “sorry!” .
    I usually avoid the reorder and seek it elsewhere, because who knows if or when it might come in.
    Another point I might add, is it would be very beneficial in ordering if DC & Marvel would actually show all the B covers in Previews. In some cases I’ll want all the variants sight unseen, but that’s based on my taste for an artist’s work and the knowledge that certain artists will usually never turn in a terrible cover. Examples would be (IMO) Frank Cho’s Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn, Joe Jusko’s cornerbox run. Since Marvel does themes more often, I’m more selective in what I pick. And a lot if those don’t show up until after orders are placed. I can still request it, but my chances of getting it are ?? based on track record, I might ir might not see it.

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    Wait till April 26th when the Harley Quinn Lee Bermejo cover B comes out… that thing will definitely get a value bump on day 1.

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