Superior Spider-Man (2013) #17

Welcome back everyone! It’s safe to say we all know at least one variant issue involving Spider-Man, but can you say the same about Spider-Man 2099? Well, after reading this, you will! Let’s get to it!

The Superior Spider-Man (2013) #17
1:50 Variant
Release Date: September 04 2014
Cover Artist: J.G Jones
Print Run: 1,782
Raw: +/- $115

If you don’t know who J.G Jones is yet, it’s about time you see one of his covers. There’s no need to say how much talent this man has, and the market is slowly starting to acknowledge this. This particular cover seems to be hard to find anywhere online, and when it does appear, the price seems to be a bit inconsistent. Don’t get me wrong, this one is worth at least a hundred bucks under today’s value, but because of it’s rarity, there seems to be no predeterminate price for this one. I think that’s about to change. Of course, this article will help this cover to gain some attention, but I really think that if you see past this, it has some really great potential over the years to come, and so does a lot of J.G Jones’ works.

Now let’s see what can be a cheap gamble if you’re willing to play the spec game a little.

Spider-Man 2099 (2014) #3
1:25 Variant
Release Date: September 03 2014
Cover Artist: John Tyler Christopher
Print Run: 1,736
Raw: $15

First off, I have to point out that this one has a lower print run. Not by a lot, but still. Like J.G Jones, John Tyler Christopher is an amazing artist and it is not rare to see one of his works being the highlight of the Wednesday’s release. You might say that this cover is a lot more simple than the one by Jones, but I don’t see it that way. What I see are two different art styles. Take a look at some of the other JTC works; you can easily identify this cover to him without even having to look it up. He likes to work with shades and fading to make your eye complete his work, and that’s more than simplicity, it’s an art. Take a closer look at the cover and tell me what you see: Spider-Man 2099, right? Well, yes, but if you see it from JTC’s eyes, there’s technically only a hand, an arm, and a head. But still, you have the impression that there’s a lot more to it, like the character is moving, and that is what I mean by art, and not simplicity: the power to make you envision the character as a whole!

Keep in mind that every character has a fan base, and Spider-Man 2099 is no exception. For some reason, the JTC cover is still at a reasonable price, but I don’t think it will last. There are not a lot of desirable Spider-Man 2099 covers out there and this one has all it takes to see a nice bump in the near future. The print run is low, the cover is great and the art style is exactly what makes every JTC fan buy his covers. Also, the black back will make it hard to find in high grade! Tell me what you think about it, were you aware of the Spider-Man 2099 #3 Variant? See you next week!


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