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  So Monday March 27th was Carl Barks' birthday.  Seems a shame to me that his “Duck Books” seem to be suffering the same fate as the rest of the “funny animal” books are these days.  Which is to say the market is real weak on them right now.  I am not sure what could turn it around, as Disney seems timeless to me.  On a positive note, the Barks Four Color Keys, like 9, 18 and the next 5 or so are all showing a far slower loss @ market over the last 2 decades.

Great cover here to FC #10





This is the oil painting that Barks later did based on Four Color #108 was brought to sale in an Internet auction in the summer of 1999.  The bidding reached $30,200, but was not sold as the reserve had been set @ 50K.  Oh how the tides have changed…

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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    Great pick this week, I love the Barks Duck stories! Not only are they terrific adventures, but if you’re not careful you may learn something! Don Rosa’s work is equally as great. Lately I’ve been coming across lots of Uncle Scrooge for cheap, so I’ve been reading tons of Barks.

    If I had to guess, I’d say the decline in value is an effect of the stories being reprinted so often. In those lots I mentioned I bet I had at least two or three stories reprinted in different issues. Not to mention the various deluxe archive editions. Why chase an elusive 4color when you can buy a hardbound collector volume for roughly 1/2 the cost?

    Disney is bringing back DuckTales soon on TV, this time including Donald Duck. So maybe more interest will be generated in the classics. They really are timeless stories.

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    That painting is fn killer

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    Barks will never be out of fashion. On the plus side, falling prices are great for us buying fans, right? ?

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