Of Quantum & Woody, Nuhumans, Matrix & More!

I could spend this entire time explaining why the Justice League film could very well be the death of the WB DC movieverse or mostly just talk about Quantum and Woody books…

The Acclaim Reader


As a massive fan of this original series from Acclaim, I was overjoyed when I learned that the Russo Brothers will be adapting this hilarious work for television. If you need something funny from the superhero genre you can’t do much better.

This preview book is a black and white gold mine of Acclaim content. It’s really too bad that it was printed on garbage. With an estimated print run of 2000-6000 how many of this giveaways do you think avoided the trash heap?

Then there’s always Diamond Previews From Dec 1996. It’s the earliest published cover I can find.

Or possibly the July issue. Who the hell knows what’s in there?

Comic Shop News #499


This came out a week after the reader. I am not even sure if the art for this has ever been reprinted. Either way it’s a rarity.

Notables: CBG 542 ( Goat Month ), 565

Acclaim Comics Valiant heroes/ Diamond Previews 8/1/1996

There are two versions of this, one with staples and one with no staples which was inserted into The Diamond Previews 8/96 issue. . Is it a first appearance? You be the judge.

Quantum and Woody 3

First appearance of Goat H.A.E.D.U.S. ( Heavily Armed Espionage Deadly Uber-Sheep )

Beyond Quantum and Woody there is one appearance from this series worth looking for, the Goat!

The Goat Inaction Figure ( all 3 versions )

It’s odd that the only Quantum & Woody figure released was the Goat. There are three versions; white was a general release, white with logo was a variant and blue was a retailer variant. I could find no real confirmation on the number of variants for this.

Wizard Magazine 76

This issue of Wizard features an exclusive Quantum & Woody story that wasn’t reprinted until the 2014 Omnibus. If you want one I suggest buying it bagged so you can enjoy the Avengers ID card.

Inhuman 2 1:50 Variant

First mention and description of the Nuhumans

With a highly anticipated show coming it was interesting to hear that the Nuhumans will be appearing. This comic is worth owning on rarity alone. Add a killer Cho cover and the origin/first mention of the Nuhumans and we’ve got a modern Inhuman key on our hands.

The Kingdom: Planet Krypton 1

I pride myself on knowing a lot about the Watchmen. I’m a huge fan and that includes the movie. I firmly believe DC should do a Monthly comic called Murderverse. I thought I had rooted out all the Watchmen appearances until this sneaky and disturbing appearance by The Hooded Justice popped up. I have some hope that the Hooded Justice ( whose identity has never been revealed ) could play some important role in the upcoming Watchmen event.

The Matrix Movie Theater Promo Comic

WB recently announced a possible return to the Matrix Franchise. The first appearance was in this preview book given out to US moviegoers but the content was a little too adult for most. It was recalled and pulped. Many got out so finding one shouldn’t be that hard.

Max Brooks Harlem Hellfighters

This GN is getting a History Channel adaptation. From award winning writer Max Brooks comes the violent history of WW1’s decorated 369th who fought valiantly only to return to a racist America. There’s a first and second printing.

Dark Horse Presents 24

First Pro work of Donny Cates

With God Country continuing to soar I think it’s time to look at some other work by Donny Cates and see if any of it is worth reading. Let’s start with his first pro work.

Monsters Unleashed 5

First appearance of Fireclaw/first cover

It’s hard to pick a modern regular cover over a limited variant simply due to supply and demand. I don’t see a lot of demand for this series and other than issue 4’s 1:25 and issue 2’s 1:25, I can’t think of a single issue I want besides this one. I was expecting Fireclaw to be the breakout character from this series so his quick death was as disappointing as his referring to himself in the first person. But Fireclaw has a damn cool design and with a Kid Kaiju book coming I see resurrection on the horizon.

The Amazing Spider-Man 25 1:50 Variant 2017

The new Doc Octopus costume is the most badass thing I have seen in a long time. It first appears here.


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