1 Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #1 Trevor Von Eeden 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Amy Reeder
ARTIST: Natacha Bustos
Now a $100 book with 9.8's selling for $300+.  As I stated last time, Marvel wants this character to succeed, so this book still probably has room to grow.  Why didn't I buy this when it was $30?

2 Wolverine Origins #10 Joe Quesada 3rd Claw Variant

WRITER: Daniel Way
ARTIST: Steve Dillon
A couple of months ago, this had dropped to a $200 book.  Raws are now selling for $350 and 9.8's are now over $800, which is an all time high by far for this book.

3 The Pro. #nn

WRITER: Garth Ennis
ARTIST: Amanda Conner
News about this property being optioned turned this $5-10 book quickly into a $50-100 book.  As always, ‘optioned' does not always mean ‘being made'.  Also, be aware that there were multiple printings for this book.

4 New Mutants (Vol. 3) #25 Art Adams 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Dan Abnett
ARTIST: Leandro Fernandez
No, I do not own this book.  Yes, I would like to.  I think Magik could be huge moving forward.  Up a few spots from the last Hot 10, this is now selling $100+.

5 Elektra (Vol. 4) #2 Adi Granov 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Matt Owens
ARTIST: Juan Cabal
This might be my favorite Granov cover to date (and the branding works as well).  This is only not #1 because it is not hitting the highs of $100 on Wednesday.  Still, at $60-70 for a 1:25 that everyone was anticipating, not too shabby.

6 Batman #655 Adam Kubert 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Andy Kubert
Just when I think that this book has hit its ceiling, boom!, another high.  9.8's are now selling for $400+.  Damian is going nowhere and this is THE book to have.

7 Venom (Vol. 3) #5 Clayton Crain 1:100 Variant

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Gerardo Sandoval
Bug-eyed Venom has been selling well in the $200 range.  I would suspect that there will be fewer of these than the JSC variant on #3–something to consider for future use.

8 Jessica Jones #6 J. Scott Campbell La Mole Variant

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Michael Gaydos
JSC just keeps on making covers that people want.  This may not be my favorite of his covers, but other people seem to disagree as this has pushed past the $50 mark.

9 X-Force #11

WRITER: Rob Liefeld
ARTIST: Mark Pacella
There may be a billion of these out there, but that does not change the fact that it is Domino's 1st appearance (confirmed by Liefeld himself).  Just be careful and don't expect this to ever be more than what it is, because there are just too many of these available.

10 Quantum & Woody #1

WRITER: Chritopher Priest
ARTIST: Mark Bright
So the news of the Russo brothers producing this into a TV show pushed this from the dollar bins to a $30+ book.  It may or may not hold, but it is at worst a nice quick flip candidate.

X-O Manowar (Vol. 4) #1 Monika Palosz 1:500 Metal Variant

WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Tomas Giorello
Well, we know the answer that there are more than 25 of these as 11 have already sold and there are 16 more listed on eBay.  I think this would have been a much nicer book if half of the cover weren't covered up by the ugly branding.

All-New Wolverine #1

WRITER: Tom Taylor
ARTIST: David Lopez
Thanks to Keith S. for the info about this regular cover that is selling for $10-15, which honestly surprised me as the print run on this book was 100k+.

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  • Avatar

    Rad top ten picks! all different and relevant great job guys keep them coming, thank you

  • vanix

    The Pro sounds like a cool concept, be good for a read. Some nice books on the list, variants are still selling well. Thanks again.

  • invinciblelatin

    I think there is a lot of room for the Domino 1st appearance, as I know there’s like a million copies out there, but there are also a million of Deadpool 1st appearance and his book has risen.

  • Avatar

    That X-O Manowar variant reminds me of the Mattina Nova #1 variant. That was a good one too.

  • Avatar

    The top book of the week was the Batman 608RRP. Two 9.8 copies sold for $5000+. That’s not only an all time high for that book, but for ANY variant that I can think of, ever.

    ASM 300 was a close second. The Venom movie announcement caused additional price spikes across all grades.

    NM 98 is picking up steam again as well. I get that X force #11 is a cute narrative ret-con but Domino actually did first appear in NM 98, not that. What Liefeld actually said was the Domino identity first appeared in NM 98 and that the first reference to the Vanessa/Domino doppleganger was X force 11.

    Liefeld DID NOT say that X force 11 was the “first appearance of Domino”. And why would he when that is demonstrably and patently false.

  • Avatar

    Great Top 10.

    I am a huge Moon Girl fan and have 3 of the #1 1:25’s. One to not sleep on in Moon Girl #2 1:25. Second appearance and half the print run, seems like a no brainer to me.

  • Avatar

    Love this list. Would have no idea about The Pro being so hot if not for you guys. I bought it when it first came out. Anything Garth Ennis does is well-written, filthy and hysterical!

  • Cruzzer2

    Cover artist for that Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur 1:25 variant is Trevor Von Eeden ! I am glad me buying 5 as a gamble paid off when it came out.

  • Jason S

    Wow….interesting and amazing list ! Little bit of everything! Great job with the research Ben!

  • Avatar

    I would rather have that Quantum and Woody #1 QR voice 1:50 Variant. Hardly ever shows up for sale, though i do think now there are 2 on ebay, with one recently sold.

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