Heroes for Hire #3 – Mark Sparacio – December 2001

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown for another episode! Looking back on the week, Sony Studios has had quite a crazy and high profile one! First, the movie Life is announced….then they announce a standalone Venom movie…next…they just won't deny Life is not a prequel to Venom…and finally, a Black Cat and Silver Sable movie! The Spider-Verse (movie-wise) is about to grow! With all that movement, I present to you a Black Cat cover not many people know about. Here is Heroes for Hire #3, from December 2001, by Mark Sparacio. Let me just say, Cap's shield has never looked so good! This Heroes for Hire series was a tie-in to Civil War.

Supposedly, the print run on this was around 50k. I am not so sure there are that many out there though. And if they are, they must be in $1 bins. If you can find these, I would grab them. If the Black Cat movie is done right, any and all Black Cat comics will see some movement. Looking online, they are decently priced right now. Go get em gang. Happy Hunting Fellas!


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