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Mixed bag of a week … Not sure DC can keep my interest for much longer. Marvel would have to time travel to the 70s in order to get my money at this point. The indies is where it's at, but nothing terribly exciting this week. Oh well, we knew this is how it was going to be … Five Wednesday months, can't live with them …


Action Comics #976

I am not sure if we are going to get any important reveals on this issue, but the fact that Midtown has limited this to 1 per customer makes it look as if something might be going on.

Elektra #2 Adi Granov 1:25 Variant

The cover to get this week. We have been looking forward to this Granov masterpiece since it was made public. Already going for $80+ if you haven't already secured a copy, it's probably too late.

Iron Fist #1 Alex Ross 1:100 Sketch Variant

New Iron Fist series, this time going for a more serious iteration of the character than the one who appeared on the latest Power Man & Iron Fist. The Netflix series has had a mixed reception, but I don't think that the other better-received series had an influence on sales numbers anyway. Not sure what to expect from this new volume, but I am pretty sure this cover is going to get hot.

X-O Manowar #1 1:500 Metal Variant

Not sure how many of these are going to be out there, but I would be surprised if there's more than 25. At the same time, you probably don't go through all the trouble of developing a new type of cover just to print 25 copies, right? No idea how that's going to work out, but it would be fun to have one of these.

Transformers vs G.I. Joe: The Movie

Tom Scioli gave us the wonderfully crazy Transformers vs G.I. Joe series that recently finished. Now he's back with the comic adaptation of a non-existing Transformers vs G.I. Joe movie and I am all up for it. Fun in comics, it's still possible!!!

President Evil #1

From the publisher who brought you Steampunk Palin comes a comic featuring Killary Klinton vs Don (of the Dead) Drumpf. This being the thinnest skinned US president in recent history, the question is whether he will allow stuff like this to be published without suing people left and right.

Venomized Variants of the Week

Brick and mortar comic shops have been all over the place with this … I have only ever seen one of these in two of the biggest shops in Paris, but this weekend I went over to London and Forbidden Planet still had most of them. You can also find them easily online. So the question remains, will these heat up in the future? Let's give it a few months!

I didn't include it, but just a quick reminder that Midtown is putting out a J. Scott Campbell Venomized Iron Fist #1 store exclusive of their own … get it only if you are going for the black belt of Venomized variants!!!

Weirdest cover of the week

When it comes to IDW mash-up covers (they are not related to the interiors, they're just crazy crossover pin-ups really), I thought it could never get weirder than Mars Attacks Popeye, but here we are talking about Mulder and Scully about to get attacked by a werewolf Judge Dredd … I would totally buy this if it were a real comic, so IDW get on it!!! If only to have some poor writer come up with a logical story to make it happen …

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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    That granov elektra is niiiiiiice

  • Avatar

    The Granov variant is amazing! But I really doubt I will find one. The rest of the week is meh, in my opinion.

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    I think there’s going to be more X-O #1 Metal variants that folks think. The variant aside, I can’t wait to read it. Bloodshot #0 also comes out today. Would have been a nice addition to the list as it bridges Lamire’s Bloodshot Reborn series to his new Bloodshot Salvation series coming out this year. The 1:20 has a cool De La Torre cover and has a pretty important first appearance in it.

    I agree 100% with what you said about DC and Marvel, and I’m really bummed about the new Iron Fist #1. Just can’t get behind anything Marvel right now. However, I think the Netflix series is great! On par with Daredevil for me. I think Luke Cage was an uninspired mess, but if you liked it I’m guessing most of those are the folks that don’t like Iron Fist. Can’t wait for Heroes for Hire though!

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    Correction. That’s *Bloodshot Reborn #0*

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      Psyched for this one, been going through bloodshot withdrawals. The only character that has completely hooked me in the valiant univers, and divinity I guess.

  • Gwenpool4President

    Some good stuff in there. That Granov is pretty and I like some of the venomized covers.

    Watch for Batgirl #9’s B cover to be underordered. Small potential there.

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    Picked up both action comic and the Elektra variant covers.

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    Thanks again for these amazing articles

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    Got my LCS to order me the Granov Elektra, but apparently Diamond didn’t feel like shipping it on time.

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    I also might be able to get a X-O Manowar 1:500…If it’s not to pricey.

  • invinci

    You think the Granov variant at $70 is still worth it?

  • Christopher Hellyer
    Christopher Hellyer

    I dig reading the transformers books when I do but i don’t collect or keep up to date with what’s what so I had no clue about that book until read this. Thanks dude. Good stuff.

  • Sandy Sutherland

    Action Comics was awesome this week. Really enjoying the DC Superman books right now.

    Also I am starting to notice a trend that Trey K mentioned. 2 of the 3 LCS regularly visit are not ordering a ton of the cover B on DC Books anymore. On some of the DC books (Action, Detective, Batman, Green Lanterns) I buy both covers but with the exception of the Frank Cho Harley covers in my area I am not seeing as many Cover B’s as I used to.

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    It seems like Heathen 2, Invisible Hands 1, and President Evil 1 are this weeks winners.

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