Collecting Valiant Rarities

I have never been a huge Valiant fan but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of super rare comics for collectors to dream about owning. For many who collected in the 90’s, Valiant represented some of the industries best in storytelling and did so in a time where gimmicks like this ruled the day:

But as time went on the intentions of Valiant were lost and the desire for maximizing profit replaced content. Eventually it all came crashing down.

You all know the hits; X-O 4, Magnus 12, Bloodshot 51, Harbinger 0,1 etc… My list spotlights some of the hardest to find Valiant/Acclaim comics you can look for prior to the relaunch.

Good luck.


Print Run-Unknown

Written by Valiant archivist, Seaborn Adamson this massive reference books was made available to Valiant staff only. It was updated through 1993 before Seaborn’s untimely death. There are second printings of this which were not published by Valiant and in my opinion have a value of 0 dollars.

Valiant Sneak Peak SDCC Preview

Print Run – 100

I am sure there’s an all white cover promo comic for Valiant Intellectual properties which came out just prior to this but I can’t find the thing anywhere.

This book was a give away and probably treated as such by many. It is one of the few V.I.P. publications and has a spelling error on the cover.

Secrets of the Valiant Universe ( Wizard Foil Edition )

Print run – 400-500

These were a recent discovery but please do not confuse this book with the regular cover which is worth as much as Secret Weapons 1.

Predator VS Magnus Robot Fighter TPB

Print run – 3000

A low print run get this one a spot on the list. It’s one of the more rare Valiant TPBs out there.

Shadowman Vol. 3 Issue 2 ( 1:5 Variant )

Print Run under 3000

Shadowman Vol.2 Issue 1 ( Turok 2 Seeds of Evil PC Game )

This mini comic is about as rare as they come and the ones that are out there aren’t in the best shape. It was included with the Turok PC game, Seeds of Evil

Shadowman Vol. 2 Issues 16 1:10 Glow in the Dark Cover

Print Run-1000 or lower

Acclaim made a lot of crappy comics but some are a real challenge to find, none more so that this awesome, gimmicky variant!

Adventure Zone Ninjak the Boss GN

Some famous industry did work on this book including Deadpool’s co-creator and the destroyer of the Modern Spider-Man! This is the rarest of the 3 editions offered by Acclaim. At the time of writing there is one on Ebay for 3.99.

Turok Empty Souls ( No Price Variant ) & Turok Tales of the Lost Land ( No Price Variant )

Print Runs-1200

Included in Blister packs for Acclaim Heroes and Legends, these are extremely rare comics. Thanks to their inclusion in pre sealed packs I don’t expect 9.8s to be easy to come by.

Turok Evolution EB Games

Print Run-500 or less?

This books was a free giveaway for purchasing the game.

Valiant Voice 19 ( Last issue )

Thanks to the flimsy newssprint and odd size this one is not going to be an easy pick up.

X-O Manowar ½ Gold

Prin run-2500

Make sure this one has the certificate and has a gold foil logo.

N.I.O. 4

Print Run-3500

Here’s a clear example or rarity without demand. No one really wants this series but all 4 issues have low print runs, this one being the hardest to find.

Bloodshot 0 Platinum Error/Pink Label Prototype

Print testers or not, this book is the definition of ghost. It is rumored that the platinum error was likely a printing of the Gold ( 5000 print run ) but manufactured without the gold ink. The second is called a pink label prototype?! I don’t really know what the hell that means but it sounds like most of us will never find or own either.

Armorines 4

Estimated print run under 3000

Let’s be clear no one cares about the Armorines and I suspect no one ever will but this comic is the rarest book from a series that is notoriously tough to find. I kind of dig the cover too!

Best of Super Mario HC

Signed by Laura Hitchcock,Limited Ed.

The unsigned edition is freakin’ rare so you can imagine how tough this one is to aquire.

NES Sneak Preview / Comic Buyer’s Guide February 9, 1990

First Valiant Logo? Print run – Unknown

This promo was released with an issue of CBG. It’s not Mario’s first appearance but it’s arguably his rarest comic.


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