Fan Expo Dallas ’17

Fan Expo is back and with it come some great exclusives. They spoiled us last year with their wonderful sets and I don't think they could top themselves, but let's take a look at them, ok?

Before we do, though, here's an important message: these exclusives will be sold at Fan Expo Dallas (March 31 – April 2nd) and a small quantity will be sold on their website. Business as usual, you're probably thinking … There's a catch this time, the exclusives will only be available online during the show. I will repeat in a single sentence so that's easier to put in bold: the exclusives will only be available on the Fan Expo website from Friday March 31st to Sunday April 2nd. After that, they will be gone from the site and probably from the market, because some of these are going to disappear in PCs. You're not so sure? Famout last words, check them out:

All-Star Batman #8 by Jim Lee Batman #19 by Jim Lee
Your eyes are not deceiving you, Fan Expo starts 2017 by putting out not one but two Jim Lee exclusive covers. It's not every day you get Jim Lee in your show, I guess, but that's two pieces of Jim Lee that you will not be able to get anywhere else. These could blow up really quickly and permanently.
Amazing Spider-Man #25 by Stuart Immonen Fade Variant

Amazing Spider-Man (2015) gets to #25 (which came out this week) with its usual pointers to what's coming for Spidey in the near future. With a cover price of $10, there are not going to be a lot of exclusives for this one, so this will be one of the versions with the least copies out there.

Love is Love by Cat Staggs

This book is one of those important books and I am personally glad that it gets one more life in the form of a new variant and hopefully keeps making money for people who need it.

Iron Fist #1 by Mike McKone Iron Fist #1 by Mike McKone Virgin Variant
Iron Fist will be on Netflix this weekend, so of course there's a new #1 coming out just in time. Fan Expo bring you the Mike McKone very classic-looking variant to a series that seems to be bringing back classic Iron Fist to the Marvel Universe.
Batman Adventures #12 by Jonboy Meyers Batman Adventures #12 by Jonboy Meyers Acetate Variant
Of course, it wouldn't be Fan Expo without another awesome BA12 variant. Jonboy Meyers is back in art duty, coming in two flavors: normal color cover and acetate variant. And, if you are anything like me and you know how acetate covers work, you are probably wondering if there's anything below the acetate layer. I asked. There is. They wouldn't tell me what though. Surprise factor, they are calling it. What about the people's right to know??? Just kidding, really curious about this, though … Only a few weeks to go!

In classic CBSI Two-In-One fashion, we will be running a contest next week giving you the possibility to win one of two full sets. Awesome, right?

As always thanks to Fan Expo for the opportunity and I don't know about you, but they have really left me wondering what their plans are for the rest of the year!!!


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