Deadpool #11 Hastings Variant

Welcome back everyone! This week we’ll move on to Marvel and take a look at two variants that show Deadpool in their own different styles. Let’s figure out why one of them is more valuable right now and also why the second one might be a great opportunity to invest, given how similar they are.

Deadpool #11
Hastings Variant
Release Date: June 12 2013
Cover Artist: Unknown
Print Run: Unknown
Raw: $100

Now, as you can see above we don’t know that much about this one, and, honestly, the fact that its value is that high without an established artist or even a clear print run really surprises me. I have to say though, it’s a really nice cover. You don’t get to see a lot of originals cover like that, even for Deadpool. It’s like a fresh breath of art which takes us to older and simpler days. Maybe that’s why it’s worth that much; it’s funny, it’s nostalgic, it’s simple, and it’s Deadpool! Everything seems right with this cover, at least for a lot of people … I mean, how many variants make it to $100 these days?

Alright let’s move on to our speculative suggestion. Forget 8Bit Deadpool and say hello to Cartoon Deadpool!

Deadpool (2008) #23
1:15 Variant
Release Date: May 19 2010
Cover Artist: Chris Giarrusso
Print Run: 2,850
Raw: $15

For some reason, this one reminds me a lot of the small cartoony Deadpool appearing in the generic of the Deadpool movie. Call me crazy but maybe that’s a factor that can help this one rise in value … Stranger things have happened!

Like the cover shown above, this one is also simple and funny. It really has the ‘’Deadpool vibe’’ kind of humour in it. Also, we get a new take on the character himself, one that's really in sync with the actual character.

Almost every interpretation of Deadpool has been already drawn and this one really stands out for its originality in my opinion. Plus we have a strict print run related to this cover, and it is relatively low. I think that a sympathetic looking, cartoonish Deadpool holding two heavy rifles and wearing two swords on a cover is at least worth the $15 you can spend on it right now. This cover has been out there long enough to settle at this price so from now on you can only expect it to go higher.

All in all, both covers will be hard to find in the wild, but most people seem to be unaware of the Heroic Age variant so you still have a chance to find one of these. As for the Hastings variant, who knows how many there are? So don’t give up digging, you might end up holding one!

Let me know what you think about this week's picks, were you already on the lookout for them? See you next week!


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