The Unpressable Defects 45

In this issue …. The guys get their own intro/outro music, Kong, what makes a character hot and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Amazing podcast guys…Shaun’s rant had me killing myself laughing in my office! Keep up the great work.

  • Ha! Weird only child over here, and I might have a neckbeard but my personal hygiene is on point. Seriously though thanks for another good podcast guys!

  • Brian W

    Another great podcast! Awesome find on that Pope Moongirl Mel!

  • dpiercy

    Trillium was VERTIGO/DC, bummed Jimmy doesn’t like this title as it was something that really turned my attention to Lemire. Currently loving Black Hammer, too.

    Diaz/Gomi @ Pride in Las Vegas was a classic.

  • MZircher

    Big Legg, I was dying when you were talking about Trunk butt, or whatever that was, too funny. Thank all you guys for making the work day a little easier and way funnier.

  • Great show guys I catch you guys while working I’m a truck driver and when Legg went on that rant with the whole butt hole thing I had to pull over and wipe the tears off my eye because of how hard I was laughing great stuff guys

  • How do i always miss the moon girl discussion! lol great podcast

  • So that Hitler comic didn’t have any rare AH! retailer incentive variants? Avengers #57 is one of John Buscema’s most iconic covers ever, it’s classy.

  • Sandy Sutherland

    Enjoyed the podcast and I agree regarding B level character discussion.

    It is a shame no one was buying and reading new recent Spiderwoman run as it was some of Marvels best work in the last few years. It read well issue to issue and I never felt like it was written for a big event or for the trade paperback market. It was just a really good fun series.

    I will miss it.

  • SkillzWeldon

    Moon Girl will be big once she gets a shot at TV or a movie appearance I have been on since day one…Mel. V

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