After going through DC last week, Brian now takes a look at the Marvel section of Previews.

We strongly encourage pre-ordering as it allows you to save some money and also it’s a vote for your favorite series, because nobody likes it when they get cancelled, right?

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    Thanks for the preview. Where can I pre-order books for May? Midtown? Milehigh? Thanks

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      Most people use Discount Comic Book Service. They give you a 40 – 50% discount. Midtown Also is pretty good, they do 35%. You can also ask you LCS, but they usually want give you any better then 10%, but still support them when you can.

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    Awesome job ! 🙂

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    Thanks for the hard work here!

  • sequentialgeek

    UGH!!! Why spend gong on now $4.++ on over priced tiny pamphlets that are predictable, and have no real long term relevancy… Marvel is lame. Seriously, Marvel is variant and alt covers, they used to be about actual *sequential*. When the movie fad of super heroes ends in ten years, then Marvel wil finally get back to making sequential stories that matter… BRING BACK NuMarvel. Ban Marvel comics -just do not even do news on them, that is the only reason NuMarvel came into being, because they sucked the bankruptcy corporate d!(k, and they had to FINALLY think out of the box, BECAUSE NO ONE CARED ABOUT THEM BY THE YEAR 2000 -wow, that’s like un-American these days to not follow corporate policy based on brand identity and trending, and cliche crap… Be un-American, and only spend money on ACTUAL ****Sequential****; ban Marvel.

    For all you Millennials out there who are now ‘entitled’ to be ‘upset’ and bigoted towards me, since I didnt stroke your Marvel Zombie egos, try to GO BEYOND YOUR BARNEY SHELTERED COMFORT ZONES ‘ENTITLED’ TO BE ALIENATING BIGOTS, and read something else besides DC and Marvel. Space Riders vol2 just dropped, go out and get a clue. You dont have to be ‘entitled’ to be mean all the time -Have fun!

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