Weekly picks for comic books releasing March 15, 2017

Finally, a great week for comics! So many great titles to choose from. Neil Gaiman shines in American Gods: Shadows, Super Sons return, and Venom is in full force! See what else we recommend in our latest weekly picks video for new comics coming out March 15, 2017.


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    A good watch – nicely done.

    The SW 40th Anniv covers are impossible to find around me. All of the different stores I frequent simply are not meeting the Marvel requirements to even order these. Additionally, most folks just gave up trying to keep track of what is required each month to order these. Unless something changes I am leaning on Midtown online or eBay for each of these. Sad really, as it is a cool concept with some nice art (like this week).

  • vanix

    I like that Venom variant cover too! Shame i won’t get my hands on it! It’s a great read so far also. Thanks again.

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    Love the weekly picks. While I typically love Clayton Crain’s work, not loving the Venom due to the disproportionate head.

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