1 Amazing Spider-Man #300

WRITER: David Michelinie
ARTIST: Todd McFarlane
How did a book that consistently sold around $1000 in 9.8 for years suddenly increase 50-100%?  Not exactly sure, but multiple sales have been recorded for just that.  This will always be a keeper despite the Venom 1st appearance question.

2 Rick & Morty #1

WRITER: Zac Gorman
If you ever doubt the power of television and media, this book proves its impact.  Shown on ‘Comic Book Men' (with a nice big thumb crease), this book went from a $30-40 book to $100-150 almost instantly.  It is not an easy book to find, but I would suspect the price should come back down after the hype wears off.

3 Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #1 Trevor Von Eeden 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Amy Reeder
ARTIST: Natacha Bustos
When Marvel decides that they want a character to succeed, they will push them to the front of the line.  It is clear at this point that they like Moon Girl.  This book is her 1st appearance, low print run and not easy to find this one in high grade for some reason.

4 Silver Surfer (Vol. 7) #9 Simone Bianchi 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Mike Allred
The hottest new variant of the week is selling for $70+ at the moment.  I'll be honest, I'm not a Surfer fan, but there are a lot of the variant covers for him that are just amazing.  This one included.

5 Grass Kings #1 Fiona Staples Variant

WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Tyler Jenkins
Many people have reported that this was very difficult to locate this week, which would explain why it is currently selling 3-4X cover at the moment.

6 Captain Marvel #1 Adam Hughes 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Tara Butters
ARTIST: Kris Anka
Raw sales are still slightly increasing, passing the $125 mark and a 9.8 sold for $360.  Will this go down as the Carol Danvers cover to own?

7 New Mutants (Vol. 3) #25 Art Adams 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Dan Abnett
ARTIST: Leandro Fernandez
Magik is hot across the board.  This one has been a little harder to locate (only 1 listed on eBay at the moment).  A low grade copy just sold for $50+.

8 Monsters Unleashed #4 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:100 Variant

WRITER: Cullen Bunn
ARTIST: Salvador Larroca
I love Bill S. as much as the next guy, but I'm not overly crazy about this cover (other than Hulk is giving Mangog a totally awesome suplex).  This book is hot, and selling for $125+, for being rare–plain and simple.

9 God Country #1

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Geoff Shaw
Up in price slightly from the last Hot 10, cover A is selling for around $40.  Don't sleep on the 2nd print which has crept up to a $10 book as well (and that all red cover will be tough to find in high grade).

10 Marvel Tsum Tsum #4 Dave Johnson 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Jacob Chabot
ARTIST: David Baldeon
How can a book with zero sales be on the Hot 10?  Because many people are looking for this.  Mel V. has mentioned this book on the podcast and if there weren't people that I trust that confirmed they saw it, I wouldn't even believe it existed.  6800 print run, 1:25, you can do the math.

Death of Hawkman #6 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant

WRITER: Marc Andreyko
ARTIST: Aaron Lopresti
As Trey has mentioned on the podcast, a lot of these ‘B' covers are not being ordered by stores.  While this one has cooled since release (thanks to undercutters), it is still worth mentioning here.

Detective Comics #31

WRITER: Gardner F. Fox
ARTIST: Bob Kane
I have to include this as a CGC 1.0 sold for $30k.  To put it into perspective, a 1.5 sold a couple years ago for $13k.  I hoped to someday use some retirement money to purchase this book, but it looks like that will never happen now….sigh.

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