The Unpressable Defects 44

In this issue …. Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, Logan (spoiler alert!), BA12, Iron Fist reviews, Mel speaks of himself in the third person and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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    Looking forward to the new podcast!….after I see Logan tonight

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    Great show guys and Mel is 100% right yes you guys would rock on a TV show. I’m a religious listener never miss your show thanks for the entertainment and knowledge you guys share. By the way stake and shake up here in Victorville is the shit love that joint Legg, thanks for the shout out to us Desert Rats. Raider Nation!!!!

  • Avatar

    Great podcast guys, as usual. I will certainly support a Sho’nuff comic any day of the week.

  • dpiercy

    Seems you guys liked Logan as much as I did, I can’t stop thinking about it. Seen it twice already and hope to go at least once more. Oddly enough, the 1st time I saw it, I was at a theatre that served beer and I had a few and well, I missed a lot of subtleties. Enjoyed it MUCH more the 2nd time when I was fresh, when I took my niece and nephew.

  • vanix

    Great podcast. I was thinking about Shaun’s comments about him selling lots of raw copies and not many ‘slabbed’ books on eBay lately. Could it be like people are, ‘gambling’, so to say with their submissions? That exhilaration of opening the box and pulling out your books and that high you get from pulling a 9.8, the slight disappointment of a 9.6 and downer of an unexpected lower grade. You can sort of compare it to getting the feature on a poker machine, or winning at the horse races. As you said on the podcast the disparity in price between a 9.6 to 9.8 on certain books can be massive yet as you also said the difference is so minuscule. People are pressing themselves and gambling for those 9.8’s for their own kind of high and $$$ instead of buying an already slabbed 9.8. Sell NM raws! Just don’t put NM+ in item description, just in case hah
    Interesting scenario. I don’t check my grades online until i receive the books, that’s half the fun, i know how it feels.
    It was also interesting and i have seen from the pick ups page some confused and disappointed people on their grades. I feel for them and it’s a bit scary as you said how many people and books are handled, checked, graded per day. Hope they get treated fairly and professionally in all ways, the books i mean!
    Thanks again!

  • Ben Steiniger

    As usual, super entertaining and informative. Love the show

  • Avatar

    Great podcast again guys. Like Shaun and then Vanix posted. I’ve noticed it’s been harder to sell slabs recently than raw books

  • tsouthammavong

    Great podcast gentlemen. I have a few questions regarding Trey’s pressing service. What’s the best way to inquire about that? I looked at the CBSI pressing site but it didn’t answer some of the questions I had.

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    Great podcast. Keep it up!

  • Khoi Cakes

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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