Convergence #0 1:100 Variant

Hello fellow CBSIers! It’s been a while since my last article but rest assured there’s a lot of good content still to be discovered! Without further ado, let’s jump to it!

Convergence #0 (Adam Hughes 1:100 variant)

Convergence #0 – 1:100 Variant
Cover Artist: Adam Hughes
Release Date: April 1 2015
Print Run: 1,430
9.8: $170
Raw: $60

This one was talked about a lot when it first came out, but after a while people seemed to have moved on, leaving the book at a steady, but relatively high value. My guess is that there’s already a winner in the ‘’Adam Hughes Catwoman Cover’’ category, and it’s not even a variant. Also, there’s no argue that this is a great cover, but in my opinion not his best.

I feel like there’s too much filling around the ‘’Catwomen’’, making it hard to focus on the characters themselves; additionally, one of them is distractingly upside down. Not to say there aren’t any good things to say about this one though. I really like the fact that Hughes mixed up the look from two different timelines for the same character, and his rendition of both is really loyal to his art style. The fact that there’s the old Catwoman representation, which is different from the one we are used to seeing from Hughes, may also be why this issue is desirable for collectors. With that low of a print run and all the Adam Hughes fans out there, keep an eye on this one because it might go out of reach at any time!
Now the other cover we’ll talk about is in the same run, but commands far less money, even if the cover is really attractive in my opinion. Here it is!

Convergence #7 Amanda Conner Variant

Convergence #7 – 1:25 Variant
Cover Artist: Amanda Conner
Release Date: May 20 2015
Print Run: 3,978
9.8: $60
Raw: $10

Maybe you’ve seen this one before, because just like the variant from Hughes, this comic was on almost everyone’s pull list when it hit the shelves. If you didn't had the chance to grab one back then, I’d say that now is the time to do so. For some reason, people seem to have forgotten this one – that’s good for us since its price went down too! For all the nostalgics out there, here’s your chance to grab an amazing cover with the oldy Catwoman look, and you also get Krypto as a bonus. That’s a duo you’ll rarely get to see on any comic at all.

I’ll be honest, I prefer this cover to the Hughes Convergence one. It is far more simple, so it gives you the opportunity to really focus on the art itself. Also, I feel like this cover is more ‘’alive’’ than the one previously shown; instead of just lying around, the characters are actually interacting. The art is great too! Hughes already has a strong audience, but there’s no doubt that Conner can deliver amazing covers as well. Not only that, but this particular art is very original and it’s nice to see that some artists like Amanda Conner are still trying to captivate the eyes not only by the beauty of the art, but also by the meaning of it and the feeling it provides.

All in all, both are amazing covers, but like I said before, I tend to lean a little bit toward Conner’s. Sure there’s a higher print run than the Convergence #0 variant, but both seem to be equally hard to find right now. Also, the red background makes it harder to find in NM condition. Let me know what you think about both, and be sure to come back next week!


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    I’ve always liked this Conner Variant. I’ve grabbed several the last couple years. I think the red background helps, they always catch my eye.

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    I vote for conner on this round.

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    I agree 100%. I’m not a big Conner fan but I believe this may be her best cover. It’s clever concept and well executed.

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    Is this book undervalued because Convergence was so bad? Maybe it brings back too many bad memories and fans are just trying to get past it, no matter how good these covers are.

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    Thanks for this article. Convergence was such a mess, that the variants were way under my radar. I was aware of the Hughes #0, but not some of the others. In particular the #6 Steve Rude New Gods cover is spectacular.
    And they’re dirt cheap right now too.
    Actually, a couple of the mini series weren’t bad, the Supermans, World’s Finest, & Plastic Man. If only they had done decent variants for those, instead of those hideous Chip Kidd disasters.

  • Sandy Sutherland

    The Conner one is my choice as well. I picked it up when I saw it. I was very happy to get it. Grabbed it for cover price as well

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    The Conner cover is the winner here…also tough to find….

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    I’m going to be the odd guy out on this one and say that as much as I really like the Conner cover, Hughes is still the man. What he does with women on his covers is incredible. My vote is for the Convergence cover. Since I already have it, I need to set about finding that Conner cover now….

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    I really have to recommend tracking down a copy of #6 Steve Rude variant! A beautiful tribute to 70s DC Jack Kirby comics. Why Rude doesn’t get the love I dunno. This cover is on a level with some Alex Ross work (IMHO).


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