The Underwhelming Yet Overvenomed One


Bit of an underwhelming week, but we are in the second week of a 5 Wednesday month, so you just know it's going to get even worse, so let's stay positive while there are good reads coming out!!!

Action Comics #975

We are, at the current publishing rate, 1 year away from Action Comics #1000!!! That's pretty amazing. What's also amazing is that I somehow forgot to mention Superman Reborn starting last week. Last week's Superman was all setup, so it's time to start getting answers. Also, a Paul Dini and Ian Churchill backup. Yes, please!

Sky Doll Sudra #1

Titan has been doing an awesome job taking European comics and publishing them in the anglophone market. This series (part of which was published by Marvel a few years ago) features some stellar art, so don't be surprised if it flies off the shelves.

Unbelievable Gwenpool #13 1:25 Variant

Ratio variant for a series with low numbers, plus if you read last issue you know it will guest-star Deadpool (thanks Skot for the heads up!) in one of his lowest printed appearances in recent years. Also, Deadpool vs Batroc again, come on!!!

Man-Thing #1

I love weird comics, but I still have to find a Man-Thing comic I love (some of Gerber's run was weird enough to be enjoyable, but hardly required reading). Will R. L. Stine make me change my opinion? Probably not, but he should bring some of his fans with him, right?

Silver Surfer #9 Simone Bianchi 1:25 Variant

Really good cover by Bianchi. Previous issue of this series came out back in October (I had totally forgotten about it) and had sales of 17K, so this might be difficult to find.

Grass Kings #1 Fiona Staples Variant

You know what they say, if Jeff Lemire puts out a new series, it means Matt Kindt must be sending his to the printer. This comic looks awesome and even though it's a 1:1 variant, it's always nice to see Staples flex her non-Saga muscles.

Venomized Variants – Week 2

8 Venomized variants this week and it's a mixed bag … No need to mention All-New Wolverine, really, everybody's been looking forward to that one since it was announced, but don't sleep on Gwenpool, Old Man Logan or, if you are trying to get a set, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Kamome Shirahama Cover of the Week

I might have a soft spot for his art, but the execution of this week's Batgirl and the Birds of Prey variant is simply brilliant. How did this not turn into a mess? Because the artist is Kamome Shirahama, that's why!!!

Swipe of the week

Two issues in and it already looks like this series is going to have the best swipes of the year, kind of like Street Fighter Unlimited last year. The formula is really simple: find classic Green Lantern cover, remove original character, insert Planet of the Apes character … but it works really well. Loving these!!!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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  • Avatar

    Awesome job! On Wednesday this is what I look at. That venomized captain America makes me uncomfortable

  • Ares

    Been to three stores in Columbus, no Venomized covers so far.

    Anyone else finding it difficult to find them.

    • Wednesday Warrior
      Wednesday Warrior

      Haven’t found a single one they started

      • invinciblelatin

        Ditto here Ares, it appears my LCS’s choose not to buy a lot of them. I’m not sure if there was a certain amount of regular cover books you had to buy. I had to grab a few off of fee-bay.

        • Ares

          I wound up ordering through Midtown Comics. I might regret it, Mel V said on the pod cast last night that their copies were beat up. I hoped Midtown saved the good looking ones for online orders.

      • Ares

        I have a few stores I could checkout but they’re not close and I don’t know if it’s worth wasting my time to drive 50 miles out of my way but I haven’t found any either. At least not the ones I want.

  • Avatar

    Really looking forward to reading Man-thing 1

  • Gwenpool4President

    My store had 2 or 3 venomized covers of each one, they were however marked up to $4.99 each, though.

  • Sandy Sutherland

    this is one of my favorite weekly articles. One LCS in my area was selling the Venom variants for 10-15. The all new wolverine he had a handful and was asking 15 each, I passed

    • Ares

      Sandy, it’s starting to look like $15 is a good price if the books are 9.8 candidates. From my research, they’re harder to find than people think and even harder to find undamaged copies when you do.

  • TheFantasticHoard

    Ares makes a good point. I went to two of my lcs’ and I was at both right when they opened. One didn’t have any on the shelves because of customers already on their pull lists. The 2nd lcs only had the Gwenpool venomized cover, and they only had 4-5 copies from what I saw and I only saw 1 clean copy.

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