Of Nightwing, Blink, Polaris and lots more!

This week I am gonna hit you with a ton of books, some that are relevant and some that are only relevant to me personally. Enjoy!

Teen Titans 44 Mini Comic

9.8 sales of TT 44 are hitting upwards of 300 since the director of Lego Batman announced he is going to direct a live Nightwing film. That book and its newsstand counterpart are plentiful though. Here’s a reprint that isn’t.

Nightwing 101-106

I’m surprised the Nightwing announcement isn’t a bigger deal to fans and speculators. Chuck Dixon’s year one arc was very well received when it came out. Script writers will be looking for source material and they could do a lot worse than this incredible year one story.

Nightwing Secret Files and Origins 1

See above.

Marvel X-Men Poster Magazine 4 ( July 1995 )

First appearance of AOA Blink

There’s no story in this book but it’s rare as shit and was released in Jan 1995 predating X-Men Alpha

X-Men Alpha ( Gold, Newsstand, DF signed )

First Comic Appearance of AOA Blink

Uncanny 317 has a massive print run. I do like the red stripe printing but who knows which version of Blink we are going to see. It would be awesome if they go with the AOA Blink. Now Alpha has a healthy print run of its own but there’s a gold variant, a newsstand and DF signed editions.

Astonishing X-Men Ultimate Edition

Blink Cameo

One could easily miss this cool Blink cameo.

Uncanny X-Men 49

First appearance of Lorna Dane

I love this cover and was very pleased to hear the X-Men TV show has cast Polaris!

Spidey Super Stories 22

What’s not to like here? First Ms. Marvel outside of her own title, Spidey team-up and a killer cover? Yup, you need this one.

Wonder Woman 5

First appearance of Doctor Psycho

Another great villain is headed to the small screen.

Comix Book 3

PC book of the month!

When people think of R. Crumb they certainly do not think of Marvel comics. To date he has never had anything published in a Marvel book. This is shame because I would love to see his renditions of sooooo many characters. All we have is this attempt by Marvel to capitalize on the underground comic craze and a letter penned by Crumb to Marvel!

Batman Heart of Hush HC

Whether you see Tec 850 as the GCS first or simply a major key there’s no denying it’s narrative is critical to Dini’s development of the Sirens. For some reason the book is kind of tough to find in the wild too. I’m a fan of collecting hardcover firsts and rare trades that collect key books ( see Batman Collected Adventures 2! )

Fantastic Comics 1

First work by Fletcher Hanks

If you don’t know who Fletcher Hanks is this is not a good place to start. Unless you buy a reprint it’s likely never going to find its way into your collection. Hanks was a genius despite the beating and boozin’ he plagued his family with. He may have even created the first female comic super-hero!

10th Muse 7

First Pro Work by Mark Brooks

Mark has been a fan favorite for some time and has seen the love from speculators and collectors alike. His first pro work were interior pencils for this forgotten Image title.

The Time is Right

First appearance of Preacher?

Just look this one up and decide for yourself. As a massive Preacher fan I had to have it.
Now is the time to jump on Preacher rarities before the real fun begins!


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