Batman Lego Movie Walmart One Shot – February 2017 – Paul Lee

Happy Friday gang, and welcome back to Covers from the Unknown for yet another episode! This week we are going to look at a comic from a newly released movie in the theaters! (a funny one may I add!) This week I give you The Batman Lego Movie one shot from Walmart, released last month, by Paul Lee and DC Comics! This comic was given out at select Walmarts around the country the week the Lego Batman Movie was released. I did happen to find this at one of the Walmarts in my area, while 3 others said they did not have them. It seemed like the bigger city stores had them. There was no purchase necessary and the one that had them, had them on a table near the toy section.

If you look around online you can find these at a few places. For now, they are very cheap, with none selling for over $10. I am not sure if there will ever be any heat on these, other than for Batman completionists and anyone looking for these in very high grades. The only thing I will say, is this is one of the few Lego Batman comics out there! Who knows if it will ever be highly sought after! So if you want one, go take a peak at Walmart or go do some shopping online!

Happy Hunting all!

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