The Give Indies a Chance One

March's here with its Venomized covers and some new great-looking series and, for once, they are mostly indie! Exciting, right?

Cosmic Scoundrels #1 Daniel Warwick-Johnson 1:10 Variant

This is a web comic that is being printed for the first time, but considering the talent behind it (Andy Suriano from Samurai Jack/Mickey Mouse Shorts & Matt Chapman from Homestar Runner/Gravity Falls), it's reasonable to think it will do well and might have been underordered. It would be my pick of the week, if I did that kind of thing and there wasn't this other comic coming out (read on!).

Extremity #1 1:Store Variant

This book looks really REALLY good … I know everybody is paying a lot of attention to new Image series in the hopes they become hits, but this book looks like it has that extra something most books are missing. The fact that it has a one per store variant is just the cherry on top.

Royal City #1

Jeff Lemire doing what he does best (just my opinion, but I can't really get into his super hero stuff). A story about a family sounds like the kind of thing that put Lemire in the back and fans of his initial work will probably eat this up.

America #1 Jamie McKelvie 1:25 Variant

I did enjoy this character in Young Avengers but not sure where she is right now. It seems like (YA novelist and America writer) Gabby Rivera is going to give her a new supporting cast. Might be interesting!

Clone Conspiracy Omega Adi Granov Variant

Apparently, this is the prologue for a Peter David's and Mark Bagley's Spider-Man series? Granov cover looks good, as always!

Monsters Unleashed #4 1:25 Future Fight Variant

Devil Dinosaur always makes a cover great, but Devil Dinosaur in armour might be genius. Another Monsters Unleashed issue, another cool Future Fight cover. Only one more to go!!!

Amerikarate #1

The ultimate 80's action movie comes our way 30 years later and in the form of a comic, but who's complaining? With a description like “The story of one American's fight to karate-fight with karate for America – and karate!” you have to admit at least they are clear about what they are selling. Might be a blink and you'll miss it type of book!

All Time Comics #1

Remember all the way up when I said Cosmic Scoundrels was almost my pick of the week (no, still not doing it)? This is the one book that looks slightly better than Cosmic Scoundrels. Herb Trimpe's last work inked by Ben Marra and written by Josh Bayer (and if you don't know that bootleg Marvel Comics Presents #6 self-published portal into madness, you are missing out) in a Fantagraphics superhero book? Honestly, it all sounds like the world setting itself right after brutal trauma.

Bill Sienkiewicz Covers

He's always been an awesome artist, but lately Sienkiewicz seems to be getting hotter as people are struggling his variants. This week, he once again brings the heat!

Death of Hawkman #6 Variant

People have been talking about this one since it was made public. Hawkman covers don't get this good very often.

Monsters Unleashed #4 1:100 Variant

It's no secret that people and retailers are not really getting behind this. With standard declining sales projections, the print run on this will be small. If retailers went back and reduced their orders after seeing the performance of the first issue, it could be tiny.

Venomized Variants

These are not even ratio covers (retailers had to order at least 90% of a specific issue of the series to be able to order as many as they wanted), but as it's been happening lately, lots of retailers have been burnt and are leaving the variant game or anything that resembles it. Do I think these will be scarce? Not in the way the original Venom Variant set was, but as it happens people will go for the same covers and there should be less of these than some people expect. Personally, of the ones coming out this week, I would only get Deadpool, but I don't think I will even bother with that one.

Swipe of the Week

Batman and Robin #1
Really like the original (it's Quitely, what's not to like?), and this homage is absolutely perfect. One thing though, DC, I think you can drop the Rebirth logo from the books now, please? It's been 8 months already?

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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