Of Tolkien, Kevin Smith, Optimus Primal, Jinx and much more!

Despite some negativity this past week the comic news continues to roll in and for me it’s all that really matters! I just want to personally thank anyone who likes my work and takes the time to read what I write. Also a big thanks to members of the g+ group for the support!

On to this week’s picks…

Heaven’s War

First Comic Appearance of J.R.R. Tolkien as a comic book character

Why is this relevant you may ask? Well he’s going to appear in an upcoming episode of DC’s Legends of tomorrow, the best comic book show you aren’t watching!

Transformers Beast Wars: Reaching the Omega Point 1,1b / Beast Wars 2 Pack Omega Primal & Megatron

First appearances of Optimus Primal

Hasbro’s recent contest to see who will lead the transformers in future storylines has ended and the winner is Optimus Primal! Transformers fans will rejoice at this news ( I was hoping for Ultra Magnus ) and they should because he is pretty bad ass. Too bad his first appearance is really rare.

The original Primal first appeared in the mini comic which came with the toys from Gen 1 of the Beast Wars character line but he is quite different from the current version.

Marvel Previews 2 ( 2003 )

First Published Image of X-23

I’ll be short on this one. A savvy reader pointed this out to me and it is awesome. I spend quite a lot of time tracking down every published article related to NYX from 2003. The fact is no one cared. Wizard Magazine mentioned the series twice prior in short blurbs, one of which came out in the same month as this book ( Wizard 148 ). Through all my research I missed this one. Yup there’s no story, no sequentials and no feature. But at the end of the day it’s an image of X-23 that predates all other published images. I can dig that and boy do I want one. …

Note: Credit to Paul Nicholls from the G+ Group on this one.

Negative Burn 31,31b

First appearance of Jinx

The Sam and Twitch announcement led to some interesting speculation by Jimmy Linguini. If Smith is using the source material ( he'd better ) then he’s eventually going to include arguably one of Bendis’s greatest characters, Jinx. Jimmy’s is the one who pointed out that she is in the series!

Jink’s Caliber issues are difficult to find. She appeared earlier in this issue of Negative Burn in an 8 page story and then via ad at the end. Variant fans will be pleased too!

Spawn Lotus Pack

First appearance of Sam and Twitch

People don’t seem overly excited about a Kevin Smith adaptation of Sam and Twitch. I think that might be a mistake. The comic is heavy on the dialog, something Smith is known for.

Now this one is up for a bit of a debate but it seems that it was published before Spawn 1 and held for release later in the year. This set comes with a mini comic published by Gladstone called Crusade of Comics Presents Spawn and both detectives appear inside!

Note: There’s a toy set for these guys as well.

Fantastic Four 558

First Old Man Logan ( as the hooded Man )

This comic came out the same month as Wolverine 66 but the E-807128 Logan in this comic appears in a story set centuries after the events in Old Man Logan. Jesus that’s a bit confusing. Stick with the newsstand on this one. It’s odd that they moved the whole barcode bar to the top which makes me like it even more.

Oni Double Feature 1, Impulse 27

First appearance of Jay and Silent Bob

Bad news…no Mallrats sequel. This actually makes sense. Who hangs out at the mall anymore? Good news…Jay and Silent Bob are headed back to the big screen. Let’s hope it’s more Clerks and less Clerks 2.

They had a brief cameo a few months before that on Impulse #27:

Oni Double Feature 12

First appearance of Bluntman and Chronic

Apparently this dynamic duo will be returning…

Famicom Rocky & Castlevania The Belmont Legacy

First appearance of Castlevania & first appearance of Simon Belmont?

Recently Netflix announced that it will be airing a live action Castlevania TV show! Castlevania is one of the most popular gaming franchises ever produced. Comic collectors should be on the lookout for these keys. Unfortunately Famicom Rocky is a ghost. Valiant’s Captain N has some real key Nintendo appearances ( first pro work of Joe Quesada and first Metroid to name a few! ) and the cartoon did include Castlevania characters but the comics went a different route so there were no Castlevania appearances. At the point I would say the Boom comic is the first Simon Belmont but it’s possible there is some other sneaky appearance out there.

Note: There was supposedly a Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight Manga if you preordered Symphony of the Night but I cannot confirm this.


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    Thanks for the credit on the NYX 3 mate
    I’m just learning from the best
    So keen to watch Logan on the weekend
    Like I’ve said I’ve been on Laura from day one
    Great character
    Great article topher

  • Topher

    Great find on your part for sure!

    Thanks for reading once again!

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    Fun list!
    Wondering if the OML should be fleshed out a bit more in the article, as I’m already seeing people list the FF issue as first appearance of OML. What I believe you are referencing is that it is his first appearance as the hooded man?

    • Topher

      You are probably right even though they technically are not wrong. The book came out the same month as Wolverine 66. Chronologically I hear what you are saying but it’s the same character just much older.

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