Superman & Bugs Bunny #1 – April 2004

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!  So, simple question….are we all very excited about the Looney Tunes – DC crossovers??  Yeah….me either.  Anyways, these crossovers are not the first time these two worlds have met up!  With that being said, I give you Superman and Bugs Bunny #1, from the 4 issue mini-series from 2000.  First off let me say, it was a fun read.  I may be a little partial since I am a big fan of Mxyzptlk, and this mini-series is really centered around him.

I do like this cover, in terms of its simplicity, and getting the point across of who is in the comic.  In terms of print run, this comic barely hits 20k, with the #4 issue coming in at under 10k.  So, overall, there are not a lot of these out there.  There was a time when they used to go for $20.  At this time, there are a few out there for about $5.  You may want to grab one or two.  This has that nostalgia feel where I could see it being a hot comic sometime in the future.  And I guess, ya never know where the Looney Tunes crossovers will take us…..sigh…..

Happy Hunting ladies and gentlemen!

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